Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Thursday issued a mandate to state workers -- show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 1 or undergo weekly testing.

Northam said he was issuing the executive order due to a continued rise in COVID-19 cases due to the highly-contagious Delta variant.

Virginia’s seven-day average of new cases is 1,373. That’s up 70% in the past week and 175% in the past two weeks and is the highest since April 19.  It’s also 36% higher than on this date in 2020.  The Northern Virginia case average is trending similarly.

Hospitalizations statewide for treatment of COVID-19 are still 48% below this time last year but have doubled in the past 2½ weeks.

"The only way we can beat this virus is vaccination, and it breaks my heart as your governor and as a doctor to see people getting sick, getting hospitalized and dying from a disease ... they can get vaccinated against," Northam said at a news conference.

Nearly 73 percent of Virginia adults have had a first COVID-19 shot, and 54 percent of all Virginians are fully vaccinated against the virus, which is higher than most states, he said.

The order covers more than 120,000 employees at state universities, state agencies and state mental health hospitals. The order won't apply to state legislators, courts and public school teachers and staff, the Washington Post reported.

Northam also seemed to threaten Virginia's local school boards with legal action if they don't follow two state directives this fall: offer in-person learning five days a week and follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for masking and other COVID-19 prevention requirements.

"A lot of parents are worried about their children going back to school in the next few weeks," Northam said, noting emergency approval for the Pfizer vaccine in children under 12 is expected this month. "I also expect schools to follow the law [requiring] schools to do two things this fall, they will offer in-person five days a week and they will follow CDC guidelines. I expect school divisions to follow this, if they do not follow it they should have a frank discussion with their legal counsel."

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(22) comments

Major Webb

Imagine that we actually teach math at Liberty University, right?

Major Webb

In Arlington, population 236,642, there have only been 258 fatalities to COVID-19, and only 15,769 confirmed cases of infection. In 2015, Arlington Police Department recorded over 19,000 blown stop signs. Science is a little challenging when we don't know our math, apparently. Or is that evidently?

Major Webb

What? I was a biological warfare planner in a former life, when Scott McCafferty says I was running for Congress. Must have been a convincing cover story.

John Dutko

This you?

Major Webb

Basic Biological Warfare for Dummies: biological warfare is the oldest weapon of mass destruction in the world, dating back to the Assyrians. The Mongols in 1347 in the Ukraine developed a crude form to repel the Venetians, when they found plague bodies and began catapulting the bodies over the wall. I doubt they had any idea about infectious disease, but are responsible for the Black Death Pandemic.

Biological warfare has always been surreptitiously deployed, providing a first strike capability with plausible deniability, exploiting the most important principle in warfare: surprise. To defeat a biological attack, and avoid surprise, you actually need to know biological principles and use those to always first invalidate the rebuttable presumption that you are being attacked and not witnessing an emerging public health threat. Viruses are the most abundant biological particles in the world, but before the current public health crisis has produced only a total of 220 harmful to mankind, making them the least likely threat to mankind.

Major Webb

Pandemic Crisis IQ Test: Define the emergency as defined in the Emergency Use Authorization. It appears in the Unapproved Product Review Memoranda for every COVID-19 vaccine. It is a biological weapon that is being deployed against targets of national security and citizens residing abroad, and cannot be used to address a communicable disease being transmitted from person to person. How many people are aware of this?

Major Webb

A wonderful example of the point regarding vaccines is Richard Pfeiffer, the Fauci of the Spanish Flu Pandemic, who had been a student of Robert Koch, the discoverer of the bacterial cause of tuberculosis and the founder of Koch's Postulates, how an epidemiologist validates causation, but who had discovered a bacteria, named it after himself, declared it the cause of the Spanish Flu and developed and marketed a vaccine to dispense to the world. Perfect, except for the fact that the Spanish Flu was not caused by a bacterial agent but a virus, the avian flu virus H1N1, and thanks to Pfeiffer, we lost time resolving the crisis and 50 to 100 million people died.

Major Webb

Firstly, like pandemic does not imply a universal condition, a vaccine is not a universal solution, where you can slap a vaccine label on any product to create an eternal elixir.

Janet Smith

He's also a M.D. who practiced Medicine in Southern Virginia for Decades.

Paul Benedict

Apparently making fetuses that survived abortion comfortable while he discussed with the mother what to do with the blob of tissue.

John Dutko

So a nonviable clumping of cells that would have come into the world unwanted, most likely abused, and then become a drain on society?

Or, should income determine if you should bring a child into the world?

Rob Schneider

"The order won't apply to state legislators, courts and public school teachers and staff"... curious why they get the free pass? The schools plan to open, and many in the education profession were very concerned last year. I expect many are vaccinated, but they're not to even be questioned? Seems inconsistent on the governor's side.

All American

The order won't apply to state legislators, courts.......???????? Grow a pair for once in your term.

Gary Cooper

Grow a pair? He doesn't have authority to apply it to state legislators, courts, schools, etc... those are governed by each locality (town, city or county). So all the Trumpy counties can go maskless and not get vaccines and then wonder why their hospitals are all filled up and their schools go back to remote learning.

Bill Rio

Trumps not the President, get over it.

Only 28% of African Americans have had the shots. Are they all Republicans?

I would appreciate it if you didn't denounce African Americans. They are as free as every other person in this country.

John Dutko


African Americans are not a political party or ideology.

Republicans (of all races) have shown a disposition in line with anti vaccination and any mitigation i.e. lockdowns, masks, social distancing, cleanliness,etc…

Bill Rio

Do you have data to back that up John? I thought the 8 months of rioting (before the 6th) were liberals not socially distancing. I guess they were all Trumptards. My bad.

John Dutko

Let's step back Bill and apply some analysis to your statement and let's see where what you say can be misconstrued:

"Trumps not the President, get over it."

If he is not president, why is he actively engaged in groups that seek to undermine the peaceful transfer of power after losing the election? Why is he raising money for an election (that may or may not come) and personally banking all of the donations (that would be fraud, considered a white collar crime). What Trump is doing is breaking traditional norms and using his previous position to directly make money off of. What dope is donating to a legal fund of a self-professed billionaire? Especially one that has never had a truly successful product other than ties to organized crime.

Then there is all of his actions related to the election and the attempted steps he took to secure the election for himself, such as the whole post office fiasco (pulling sorting machines, cutting overtime and man hours, questioning a valid way to vote by mail), the calls to the different voting officials that have audio (and currently under federal investigation), the insane lawsuits which have been filed and thrown out because there is no basis for such legal standing, and many more...

In addition to all that, we as Americans can complain about whomever and whatever we want. Conservatives have been complaining about Bill Clinton since the 1990s. They STILL inject Hillary (as a specter of an office she didn't even get elected to) of into political calculations because a bogeyman is needed. Obama is still brought up 5 years since he last was in office. Trump just left and his action/inactions still resonate throughout the world. And it's a shame since he ran the country into the ground.

"Only 28% of African Americans have had the shots."

I am not pulling data out of my ass. Here is the CDC source as of August 2nd:

If you look at Figure 1, of the 58% of people who have gotten at least one vaccine dose in America, 12% are Black, 61% are White, 17% Hispanic, and the rest follow similar data trends seen with population density in urban areas.

Figure 2 has a more comprehensive breakdown filtered by race.

Let's take Virginia as an example:


Percent of vaccinations: 16% Percent of cases: 22% Percent of deaths: 25% Percent of total population: 19%


Percent of vaccinations:59% Percent of cases: 51% Percent of deaths: 64% Percent of total population:61%

So, in a strict numbers game, when inputting the demographic datum which correlates political affiliation, one can see where mitigation effects were taken and where none were observed. In addition, the effect of relentless propaganda seen and heard is also apparent.

"Are they all Republicans?"

No dimwit. My statement of "All Republicans are White. White Supremacists are White. Therefore, All Republicans are White Supremacists." Is that a true statement? Use your math skills you learned in high school.

I gave you an out, and you replied with stupid. Let's continue this conversation. I want to know your views on the subject of Race, political affiliation, and how that influences ones decision to listen to government entities during humanitarian crises.

George Lawton

Hospitals full….ahhh!! 😂😂…stop watching CNN

Gary Cooper

How about Johns Hopkins...

Larry Lyons

You need to stop to watching Faux Snooze and OANanism.

All American

Gary, Call the Prince William Hospital and see how many COVID cases they have right now, you might realize the numbers are a lot lower than the lefty media wants you to hear.

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