Kwasi Crichlow

Kwasi Crichlow

A man believed to be connected to multiple burglaries committed in Northern Virginia and Maryland was arrested earlier this month in Fulton County, Georgia.

Fairfax County police detectives began investigating multiple overnight commercial burglaries at minority-owned businesses earlier this year.

After working closely with detectives from Howard County, Maryland police, Fairfax detectives identified Kwasi Crichlow, 27, of Washington, D.C., as a suspect in three burglaries that occurred during the early morning hours of Jan. 28 and obtained warrants for his arrest on March 3, Fairfax police said in a news release.

On March 4, officers learned that Crichlow was entering Fairfax County in a white BMW SUV. They spotted the car near Lorton Road at Interstate 95 and attempted a traffic stop.

The driver refused, resulting in a pursuit that traveled into Maryland, but Crichlow evaded arrest, the release said.

Crichlow then fled the D.C. area, but law enforcement partners located him on March 6, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. He was taken into custody and is currently held at the Fulton County Jail pending extradition, police said.

Detectives continue to investigate Crichlow’s involvement in several other cases and do not believe that he acted alone in these crimes, the release said. Since Crichlow’s arrest, an additional warrant was obtained for a burglary that occurred on March 3 at the Ariake Restaurant in Annandale.

Detectives are asking anyone with information regarding these incidents or information about Crichlow’s associates to call the Mason District Station Criminal Investigation Section at 703-256-8035. 


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Duke Nukem

Almost to the border. The least we can do is send them our best like they send us theirs.


You better believe that anyone traveling on the Federal Interstate System is under video surveillance. Especially around the DMV and other large metro areas. Your cellular phones are being tracked, too.

Paul Benedict

Why is a DC resident going to Virginia and Maryland to practice his trade? Too much competition in DC?

John Dutko

You don't eat where you poop.


Stop picking on this poor guy, he’s probably a victim of systemic racism or some other BS reason. But hey, BLM and he’s another poster child!

Brad London

This chump targeted minority owned businesses according to the article. And yet, they will let him off so he go out and do more, and probably worse crime.


They will slap him in the hand for his crimes because throwing the book at him would be racially insensitive, then when he gets out of his 5day sentence he will be out there robbing banks and killing people

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