Northern Virginia's public school districts will receive nearly $79 million in new federal CARES Act funding, Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday. 

The money from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security Act will support COVID-19 preparedness and response measures for this school year, including virus testing supplies, personal protective equipment, sanitization, and technology for distance learning.

Funding is being distributed to all 132 public school districts in the state using a formula of $175 per pupil based on fall enrollment.

“Students, teachers, principals, and parents are going to great lengths to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic amid a new school year, and we must do everything we can to support them,” Northam said in a news release. “This additional $220 million in federal funding will give our schools the resources they need to continue operating and provide Virginians with a world-class education, whether safely in person or remotely from home.”

This funding will supplement $66.8 million provided to Virginia through the federal Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund and an additional $587.5 million allocated in May under the CARES Act. 

Amounts being allocated to school divisions in Northern Virginia range from $453,000 in Falls Church to over $31 million in Fairfax County.  That represents just under 1% of the total Fairfax County school budget for this fiscal year of about $3.2 billion.

New CARES Act funding for Northern Virginia school districts

Locality Funding
Alexandria $2,187,833
Arlington $4,733,243
Fairfax County $31,697,575
Falls Church $453,180
Fauquier $1,914,850
Loudoun $14,864,308
Manassas $1,335,845
Manassas Park $597,188
Prince William $15,906,398
Stafford $5,254,708

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Robin Reed

BY THIS YOU SHALL BE TESTED…is what President of Egypt Joseph Ben-Israel told his brothers incognito when during famine they traveled to Egypt to buy grain. Do you remember how about 20 years back he was heartlessly sold by his ten brothers as a slave to Egypt?

It’s curious how LCSB (Loudoun County School Board) is all of sudden acting so nice about partially opening school for in-person instruction right before election. Has anyone wondered about their positive altruistic attitude, a sudden shift from tyranny?

Let’s look at the Loudoun school bond referendum $123M or 40% of the $308M total combined bond referendums:

- Douglass School Renewal


- School Security Improvements

- Student Welcoming Center at Sterling ES

- And the costs of other public school facilities AS REQUESTED BY THE LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD

It is a well documented that LCPS and LCSB have proven over the years to be insatiable $$$$$, crooked, stonehearted, and despotic. I am sure there are countless examples of how children (including mine) have been mistreated by the School’s negligence and so-what attitude toward bullying, banal teachers, etc. (Remember how a certain principal was never fired?)

Extremists: completely opposite of the God’s Son Jesus Christ when He came to earth 2000 years ago as 100% human being. Did He fool or bruise anyone? NEVER! He was good, honest, and truthful. He condemned the political-religious ruling class to their face for what they were: hypocrites, oppressors, and money-grabbers. For that reason, those powermongers hated Him so much that they wanted to murder Him and did.

LCSB AND LCPS have been very sympathetical, sacrificial, and accommodating towards their customers, especially during the pandemic—students who want to GO to school and parents harrowed by de facto homeschooling right? Are we kidding?

I recall some years ago when a student at Potomac Falls HS, Sterling committed suicide, LCSB refused to even have a meeting with the grieving parents: heartless.

But Jesus was filled with compassion and IMMEDIATELY met with and healed countless patients with horrible diseases (no appointments in advance, no co-pay, no co-insurance, no out-of-pocket expenses). He accommodated everyone that came to Him such that He couldn’t even eat—and absolutely no personal and/or social distancing!

At the end, He sacrificed HIMSELF for our spiritual covid-19 of sin and evildoing (yes we are all infected not just Boards and Admins). All His precious pure blood that flowed down the tree where He was nailed provided the perfect antidote for our deadly disease, SIN. The Law Book states: for the wages of sin is death.

Can a leopard change his spots? No but he can dress himself with different spots--temporarily.


- If the school bond referendum is voted down NO (and it should be when so many are suffering financial, home, and academic hardship) will our SUPERIORS continue to be nicey-nicey about gradual opening of schools?

- If the school bond referendum is voted YES, will our SUPERIORS continue to be nicey-nicey about hybrid school openings since they got what they wanted: boatload of free cash.

(FYI, newly constructed Lightridge HS in Aldie which was to open this fall for academic year 2020-2021 sits empty.)

If LCSB/LCPS once again PERMANENTLY shuts down any hybrid learning and go virtual for the rest of the academic year because of outbreaks (since during the summer they were hemming and hawing about school openings; instead, they should have diligently and proactively hired COVID-19 prevention task force to restructure partial school attendance, social distancing of classrooms, cafeterias, sport activities, and other essential safety protocols, etc.),


FURTHERMORE, PARENTS AND TAXPAPERS SHOULD DEMAND OF BOS 33% REDUCTION IN PROPERTY TAXES SINCE THE BURDEN OF EDUCATION IS EQUALLY SHARED WITH TEACHERS. How is that number derived? Local tax funding is split 66% for LCPS and 34% for the County Government. So, on a $6060 property tax you should receive a rebate of $2000, an ample amount for a stress-free online homeschool curriculum.

Corollary demand: the LCPS budget should be slashed by half also.

(-- Less use of physical facilities like buildings, equipment, computers, hvac etc therefore less wear and tear and maintenance costs and should need less labor

-- Benefits of physical assets and in building services have been reduced to students and therefore provide less value to their education

-- All group activities (e.g. sports) are basically non-existent and so their associated costs are also greatly reduced.

-- By being virtual, the labor pool is essentially nationwide, we should be able to hire teachers that work virtually from outside Loudoun County and in fact, outside the state for the time being where they are willing to accept lower wages due to lower cost of living as long as they have a good internet connection.)

ATTENTION PARENTS OF PREVIOUS AND CURRENT LCPS STUDENTS! If you are godly, righteous, gutsy, and gifted in leadership, you should consider (please!!) running against the current SUPERIORS (or who act like they are) -- just for 4 years. Loudoun needs you! Poor parents want you!! Our LCPS kids depend on you!!!

AS FOR THE SCHOOL BOND QUESTION, we can afford to wait to expand school capacity and building new facilities and conveniences (for the SUPERIORS). ☹ (To learn more about THE Supreme Board Member and Superintendent Lord Jesus Christ, antithesis of LCSB/LCPS/Williams, read Luke 1-24 at 😊)

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