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Representatives from teacher associations in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington and Manassas Park will host a news conference Monday urging a return to virtual-only learning.

In a statement Sunday evening, the Fairfax Education Association said it "stands with our colleagues from the Northern Virginia region to ask the Governor to return the Commonwealth to a full Phase II of the reopening plan and to recommend that our schools return to a fully virtual method of instruction ..."

The release said the involved education associations represent more than 12,000 school employees and listed the following representatives expected to attend:

  • Ingrid Gant – Arlington Education Association
  • Kimberly Adams – Fairfax Education Association
  • Sandy Sullivan – Loudoun Education Association
  • Theresa Hayden – Manassas Park Education Association
  • Maggie Hansford – Prince William Education Association

The press conference is at 11 a.m. in the parking lot of the Fairfax Education Association. 

The press conference follows Gov. Ralph Northam's Friday announcement of renewed COVID-19 restrictions as cases continue to rise. Schools divisions across the D.C. area have been grappling with phasing students back into classrooms over the next few months.

Education associations' letter to Gov. Ralph Northam:


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Fix Prince William

Can't students get an education while in their underwear?


The teachers association is a joke. Can you imagine if you went to your boss and said "Sorry I am not going back to work for a year but you are going to pay me". Fire these lazy "teachers" and find ones that can do the job. I am a parent of a child that was in public school and I pulled her out and put her in private school and guess what? There has been no issues. Imagine that!

Fix Prince William

Who even needs these stupid public schools!? Turn them into Amazon warehouses and send the kids to work--stupid child labor laws!

Fix Prince William

Seriously. It's not like other jobs are working from home and adapting new technology because we are in a pandemic. If you look at all the corporations, they're all in their offices. If you're not AT work, you're NOT working is what I say.

All these stupid teachers are freakin' out, but all the research shows that schools aren't super spreaders. All that research was done while numbers were low and not in flu season, but we're not seeing any nationwide or even statewide spikes. So get back to work!


time to start furloughing in the school systems and governments across the board. Return money to tax payers.

Fix Prince William

Agreed. Less education is what these kids need. Simple equation:

Less Education=Trump Voter!

#StolenElection #Trump2024

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Sandy Waller

Teacher's Unions care nothing about the education of kids, only protecting jobs. They are the reason we have so many horrible teachers in VA.

And yes to all the Karens reading, 'Education Association' is just another name for Union, since Va doesn't formally recognize teacher unions.

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A.B. Herman

Correction: Covid deaths are up 12% nationwide. They aren't up in Virginia.


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A.B. Herman

Teacher support organizations are abiding by their mandate to advocate for safe working conditions for their members.

Covid case positives, hospitalizations, and deaths are all currently skyrocketing in Northern Virginia. Opening schools in the current conditions is not safe. Doing so is irresponsible and stupid.

And can we please just admit that, for the majority of parents who can't (or just can't stand to) be home with their kids, this is about the free babysitting and not the "education?"

Because people who truly value education? They value teachers.


It is a BAD IDEA for teachers and students to return to in-person learning at the height of the covid-19 pandemic.

A.B. Herman

It seems like such a simple concept, doesn't it?

Too bad there isn't a vaccine for the stupid that's going around.

Sandy Waller

True, because you need one, and one for all of the lazy you show.

Fix Prince William

Sandy's gotta get the kids out of her house so she can keep it clean and get her nails done.

Sandy Waller

Says someone appropriating a Native name. Based on what? The tons of worldwide data showing the safety of in-person schooling? Or do you need it written in crayon?

Todd Jones

The only role the teachers' unions are serving right now is to keep their members from working in the classrooms but still getting full pay. My kids are grown, but from listening to my friends and neighbors, there is almost a 100% consensus that virtual learning has proven to be almost worthless.

Fix Prince William

Your consensus is from students that can't learn new technology. My consensus is that these students have acquired some serious technology experience and skills, imparted upon them by sloppy, lazy teachers who learned new technology and are able to teach it to students in less than two months. Looks like they DID their job. Hmmm. We need to start putting the lower kids in trade jobs at an earlier age. Keep the kids that CAN learn on a higher level on a college route. Todd's kids won't be learning Shakespeare! [rolleyes]

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