BEYOND / HELLO in Manassas officially opened Tuesday, making it the first medical marijuana dispensary in Northern Virginia and only the third in the state.

The store's name is the trade name for Dalitso, LLC, which holds a state pharmaceutical processor permit for Prince William, Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.

The store is located at 8100 Albertstone Circle. Products for registered patients with a medical marijuana certificate can be purchased at the store, or online.

“We are looking forward to providing best-in-class care to medical cannabis patients in the commonwealth,” said Farzana Kennedy, pharmacist-in-charge at BEYOND / HELLO and president of the Virginia Medical Cannabis Coalition, which helped facilitate the new dispensary.

Even though BEYOND / HELLO is located in Manassas, any registered patient in the state can visit the facility to purchase their cannabis medicine, the company said in a news release.

“We are honored to share the news that BEYOND / HELLO is open to serve medical cannabis patients in Virginia,” said Adam Goers, chairman of VMCC. “With our third member-processor open, Virginia’s medical cannabis patients have another option to access this important alternative therapy.”

Individuals interested in purchasing medical cannabis must register as a patient with the Board of Pharmacy before visiting BEYOND / HELLO or any other pharmaceutical processor.

The Board of Pharmacy issues registrations after receiving a practitioner’s written certification. While practitioners have full discretion to certify patients with any disease or condition, prospective patients should be aware that only practitioners registered with the Board of Pharmacy to participate in the program are authorized to issue certifications. 

Once a prospective patient receives a written certification, they may register with the Board of Pharmacy, and upon receipt of a registration card, the patient may enter a dispensary.

The permits will allow companies to cultivate cannabis plants for production of medical cannabis oils  and sell to patients who have a certificate from a doctor, according to the board.

Dalitso is made up of Virginia-based pharmacists, lawyers and real estate professionals partnering with established medical cannabis providers, according to Virginia Cannabis Group, a consulting company that helped Dalitso through the permitting process.


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