29 reopens

VDOT reopened U.S. 29 just before midnight Friday. [VDOT photo]

With six minutes to spare in the Virginia Department of Transportation's Aug. 2 deadline, northbound U.S. 29 near the Fauquier-Prince William line reopened to traffic Friday night after a nearly month-long shutdown.

The project regraded the northbound lanes and removed two hills that have contributed to significant crashes on the busy stretch of highway just south of the Prince William County line.

Chemung Contracting Corp., of Mitchells, is constructing the improvements under a $3,544,568.45 design-build contract. Chemung is partnering with Volkert Inc., of Springfield, which is providing design services for the project.

The Route 29 northbound approach to the Route 215 intersection ranked as the number one safety need in VDOT’s nine-county Culpeper District with the highest potential for safety improvement. In the five years between 2013 and 2017, there were 113 crashes on that section of the highway.

"Thank you to the [Fauquier Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police] for manning the detours," VDOT said on Twitter at 11:54 p.m. Friday as the road reopened. "AND thank you to the residents, the nearby businesses and the motorists who use Rt. 29 every day who were inconvenienced during the closure. We're grateful for your patience during this project."

Expect nightly lane closures from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. through late August for final project tasks.


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"the number one safety need in VDOT’s nine-county Culpeper District with the highest potential for safety improvement..."

While the RT 29 Rt 215 intersection needed improvement - such as this regrade project, it is far from being the "most important" thing needed on Rt 29 from Warrenton to Rt 15 to Gainsville and on down I-66.

Excessive speed, reckless / inconsiderate drivers ( cars, trucks and 18 wheelers ) and a lack of law enforcement are the biggies. Let's see how and what VDOT can do fixing it?


Once you cross the county line into Prince William that is another district, this was the biggest need in the CULPEPER district. Yes I agree excessive speed, and reckless drivers are an issue before on I-66 speed was enforced via aircraft now it is enforced by state police and there are troopers out there ticketing and enforcing the law.

I don't see the problem with US-15 as much the portion from the railroad tracks through Haymarket is well-enforced by both Haymarket and after the corporate limits end PwC police.


Thanks for your up to date information. My experience these days focuses more to the weekend traffic along Route 29 from Warrenton to Gainsville. Route 15 I was considering it as a mile marker where a lot of traffic leaves Rt 29 and heads to Haymarket.

From the Route 605 Route 29 intersection stop light headed east towards DC the only thing that can compare to what happens when the light turns green is Black Fridays when the doors open at Walmart super stores. People do some really weird stuff. Two, three or even four 18 wheelers obliviously ensconced in side-by-side shoulder to shoulder rolling combat isn't unusual. And from your car, SUV or Pickup behind if you can see through all of the dust, rocks and debris you will have cheated the Grimm Reaper of another body if you make it no further than New Baltimore in one piece.

Kudos to the Sheriffs in Haymarket and those who patrol Route 211 from Warrenton to Sperryville. Also a big thanks to the Virginia State Troopers on that road. More than a few Ferrari and Porsche turbo owners made the mistake of thinking that they could out handle and or outfox those officers. As you said in your comment the good old days of patrolled by aircraft are gone.

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