An off-duty police officer pulled a driver out of a burning car in Manassas on Saturday. Photo courtesy Manassas police

An off-duty Manassas Park police lieutenant pulled a driver from a burning car after a Saturday night crash on Lomond Drive in Manassas.

City police Lt. D. Walker was off-duty and on Lomond Drive around 10:15 p.m. when he saw a Toyota pass in the opposite direction and veer off the road. The car struck a parked vehicle and instantly burst into flames.

The fire quickly spread to two additional parked vehicles as well as the power lines above, Manassas Park police said in a Facebook post.

Walker pulled the unconscious driver from the Toyota and to safety. The driver regained consciousness and ultimately refused medical treatment, police said.

The driver was taken into custody by Prince William County police and charged with driving under the influence. The person's name has not been released.


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Well done, Lt. Walker!


This is a pretty bizarre incident. First, the speed limit is 25 mph on Lomond Drive. Secondly, even if the Toyota driver was traveling twice the speed limit, what are the chances his car would burst into flames upon crashing? And there just happened to be an off-duty cop driving by when the accident happened. You never know what is going to happen no matter where you are. Be especially careful when driving during drinking hours.


For drunk drivers that is 24x7


Sounds like another "dreamer". I hope they were released back in to the community at first light. Set backs like these could happen to anyone. Prayers for the lost souls. Welcome home.


hero -blue lives matter


Should have called a social worker to help the drunk driver.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I’m ever grateful for the Blue Lives who overwhelmingly exceed the expectations of America. Lt. Walker, thank you Sir!

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