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Sgt. Jorge Vera performs taps at the Mannassas funeral of World War II veteran George Morrissey in this 2016 file photo.

The Defense Department has launched Military In Lasting Tribute, an online memorial honoring service members who died while serving honorably on active duty.

The tribute is the first Department of Defense memorial to include peacetime deaths, and it ranges from 1985 to the present, according to a Pentagon news release. More than 47,000 service members have died on active-duty status since 1985, according to the Defense Manpower Data Center.

The page offers family members another place to remember their loved one, said Deb Skillman, director of casualty, mortuary affairs and military funeral honors.

“The site is a destination for family members to view, remember, honor and share the sacrifice of their service members with other family members and friends, their networks, extended survivor community and military family,” Skillman said in the release. “This digital memorial serves as an enduring tribute to military heroes, who will forever be part of our military community.”

Each service member on the site will have a dedicated page with their name, branch of service, rank, date of death and photo, when available. Any member of the public can add a tribute or photo or upload documents, but all content will be reviewed before it is posted.

Lisa Valentine, program manager for casualty, mortuary affairs and military funeral honors, said the inclusion of peacetime deaths ensures that families whose service member died of causes other than combat will have a place to grieve.

“This is extremely important, especially for those who have peacetime deaths where that person may have deployed three times and then died of cancer,” she said. “Or maybe they died of suicide as a result of PTSD, and now they have a place where they'll be honored.”

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