Stonewall Jackson High School

Stonewall Jackson High School. Courtesy Prince William fire and rescue

A student at Stonewall Jackson High School faces criminal charges after an attempt at the "outlet challenge" sparked a small electrical fire, authorities say.

The outlet challenge is a dangerous Tic Tok fad in which the brick portion of a cell phone charger is partially plugged into a wall outlet, and then a penny is put onto the brick's exposed metal prongs, according to ABC News.

The result is a blast of electrical sparks, and the danger of electric shock injuries and property damage.

The Prince William County fire marshal's office was notified about 10:10 a.m. by Stonewall's school resource officer about the incident at the school on Rixlew Lane in Manassas.

The fire marshal concluded that a student tried the challenge, and ignited a desk-mounted electrical receptacle.

The student has been charged with negligent burning and vandalism, fire and rescue officials said in a news release.

"The Fire Marshal’s Office is encouraging everyone NOT to attempt the challenge. It is extremely dangerous and likely to cause harm or extensive property damage," the release said. "Anyone witnessing such activity should report it to a responsible party, school officials, or the Fire Marshal’s Office."


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Just when you thought some people couldn't get any more stupid, they prove you wrong again.


The pre-frontal cortex of the brain which deals with abstract reasoning and decision making isn’t fully developed until the age of 25. Teens often make bad decisions. It’s another reason why the vote should never be lowered below 18.


It's ridiculous to charge the kid for that, it's just stupid kid stuff. Also while doing that can significantly harm the performer it is incredibly unlikely to cause any damage beyond a tripped breaker or gfci unless the school it's grossly out of standards work the national electrical code in which case we have much bigger fish to fry than some dumb kid.

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