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While Virginia Beach Public Schools is removing several books from school libraries after objections over sexual content from some parents, Prince William County Public Schools has thus far declined to do the same with any books over parental concerns.

But the local school system is seeing an increase in challenges to library books, something that comes as conservative parents are promising to maintain the new scrutiny on school libraries.

The school system fielded six challenges to library books over the past school year, according to data obtained by InsideNoVa using a Freedom of Information Act request.

Lois Lowry’s “The Giver,” a Newbery Medal winner, was challenged for “infanticide and euthanasia.” Other books challenged were “Carlos Gomez Freestyles” by Chuck Gonzalez, “Cultivating Strong Girls” by Nancy Evans, “Julián is a Mermaid” by Jessica Love, “The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Gender Identity” by Darlene Tando, and “What Riley Wore” by Elana K. Arnold and Linda Davick. None has been removed from local schools’ libraries.

According to a school system spokesperson, new books are added to the library from recommendations “based on student input, staff input, community input, and professional journal lists of recommended text.” The recommendations are then vetted by professional librarians and presented to “supervising administrators for feedback and approval prior to purchase by the school bookkeeper.”

When a library book is challenged, it goes to a committee that reviews the material and makes a ruling. In Virginia Beach, committees ruled that two books: Alice Sebold’s “Lucky” and Ellen Hopkins’ “Triangles” will no longer be featured in school libraries after they were deemed “to no longer be age appropriate,” according to The Virginian-Pilot.

In Prince William, the simple mention of a same-sex relationship drew uproar from some parents last year, when the librarian at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School read “Prince & Knight” – a book about a prince who falls in love with a knight – during the school’s morning announcements.

After the incident, county Supervisor Yesli Vega (R-Coles) – her party’s nominee for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat this fall – said she was “assisting a Prince William resident and dealing privately with local government officials in regards to the availability of books to our children depicting graphic sexual acts inappropriate for young minds.”

The school system said the six challenges last year were more than are received during a typical year.

After a 2021-22 school year that saw increased community organizing along partisan lines toward the school system and the Prince William County School Board, conservative parents in the county are already organizing for the upcoming year. A Prince William chapter of the parents group Moms for Liberty is planning to kick off activities later this month.

Moms for Liberty groups elsewhere, including in Fauquier County, have regularly challenged books in school libraries.

Most of Prince William’s book challenges were sent by Chris Fundeburg, a Nokesville resident who told InsideNoVa that he has children in the school division. Fundeburg has regularly used the School Board’s public comment period to rail against the division’s “trans agenda.” He graphically described the genitalia of some trans people at a School Board meeting in June, prompting dozens in attendance to walk out for the duration of his speech.

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at


Jared Foretek covers Prince William County Public Schools, the city of Manassas and transportation news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at

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Sacagawea Lax

@ John

"Would you like me to go over the different classifications? It would be very educating for the lot of you."

Please, you have the floor. Does this involve NISPOM?

John Dutko

Here is an unclassified brief going over the basics of portion marking, derivative classifications, and other types of markings within the document:

Martha Cutsinger

The new President of the American Library Association, which greatly influences all book recommendations, said it best in boasting about their goals and agenda….

“ I just cannot believe that a Marxist

lesbian who believes that collective

power is possible to build and can be

wielded for a better world is the

president-elect of @ALALibrary. I am

so excited for what we will do

together. Solidarity!…”

~ Emily Drabinski, 4/13/22 Twitter

Larry Lyons

Given that only extremist right wing sites are calling her a Marxist, it makes me wonder why they're making that up? Are you Reich Wing Nutters that desperate?

Janelle Anderson

Marshall Elementary (Prince William County Schools,

VA) did not merely mention same sex relationships. The Marshall librarian shoved it in my kid's face. The school librarian read a picture book over the video announcements which are required viewing by all 600 students of two adult men inches away from kissing at their wedding. Why do children ages 5-11 need to see this? The librarian read that the adult mens' hearts beat faster for each other (a clear sign of sexual attraction.) Why do 5 year olds need to know that? My child told me that the gay romance was the only romance book the librarian read over the video announcements all year. She did not read a romance about a man and a woman. It's very odd. Google Marshall Elementary and Prince and Knight for more info.

Larry Lyons

One question, when did you decide you were straight? Same sex attraction is determined very early.

That said, you related a good story, but I suspect that is all that it is.

John Dutko

"Why do children ages 5-11 need to see this?"

To show that people can love each other. To not stigmatize feelings and suppress a persons sexuality. To raise a generation that is more tolerant.

Maybe she should have read Billy Budd by Herman Melville.

Sacagawea Lax

@ John

"Turn those surveillance cameras off!"


Brad London

Can't wait for the scared Youngkin extremists to start burning books too.

Dick Grayson

Once again the 98%ers must kowtow to the 2% or be labeled “phobes” etc… what a effing joke

Larry Lyons

And where do you get that 98%? Such luminaries of science like Faux News or OAN?

Tom Manson

Nothing wrong with most of the books these pearl clutchers complain about. Exposure to reading material isn't going to make them gay or trans, but it will expose them to the reality that some of their peers are (or may be) gay or trans.

Chris Fundeburg isa very sad example of puritanism.

George Lawton

Tom, keep your homosexuality to yourself. No cares to know what you like to do in the bedroom. Children are off limits, no exceptions. It’s disgusting people like you think it’s okay to shove this garbage in front of kids.

Larry Lyons

Fine then keep your heterosexuality to yourself. No pictures of your wife and kids etc. No sexualized ads all over the media. Fact is If you demand that people keep their sexual orientation to themselves, you need to do the same, or it is nothing but discriminatory hypocrisy.

And an interesting set of wording you use. I think it may be a good idea before spewing your hatred the next time it may be a good idea to examine the source. You may be very surprised.

John Dutko

No, you are wrong.

By merely gazing upon these tomes, the clouds in the sky will part and a fantastical unicorn farting out rainbows will appear and immediately transform a boring CIS-gendered student into a "fabulous" flamboyant peacock.

It's like that weird period in the late 90s where Harry Potter was a target for promoting witchcraft by fundies.

Paul Benedict

The majority of students in Prince William County are Hispanic or Black. I suspect the majority of their parents are not aware of the perverted material their kids have access to. I suspect they wouldn't be happy if they knew about it. The powers that be have gone out of their way to make sure a Hispanic person doesn't get on the school board because they know Hispanics don't want teachers, librarians and other school officials sexualizing their 5 to 10 year old's. Knowing the beliefs that many Blacks have I suspect many of them don't either, but perhaps they go along with Loree Williams, Diane Raulston, and Lillie Jesse because of their skin color. I suspect that these three women don't even fully support all the crap going on in the schools, but they have to go along with it because those are the new rules in the Democratic Party. And even though the School Board is technically "not political" it absolutely is. If they spoke up they would be finished.

Michael Lesniak

Are you daft? You speak for Black and Latino parents based on how you believe they think. Your's is a foolish response. Stay in your lane. I'm quite sure that Black and Latino parent are interested in their kids' education and can read information for themselves. I also don't believe the majority of students in PWCS are Black or Hispanic but I'm not going to waste any more time trying to prove the absolute foolishness of your post.

Paul Benedict

Well Michael, you don't know what you are talking about. Prince William County schools are:

36% Hispanic

28% White

20% Black

10% Asian

6% Other

I don't think you know what the word "daft" means.

I am not speaking for anybody but myself. I can be in any lane I choose to be in, so stay out of my way. I know when a group of people are not being listened to. Ask Jared Foretek how many of his readers are Hispanic? If Hispanics make up over a third of students why is there no Hispanic on the School Board and if Blacks make up 20% of students, why are there three Blacks on the school board. It's Democrat politics, that's why.

George Lawton

Based on your response, you may want to consider enrolling in 9th grade yourself.

Paul Benedict

I am not speaking for anybody but myself. I can be in any lane I choose to be in, so stay out of my way. I know when a group of people are not being listened to. Ask Jared Foretek how many of his readers are Hispanic? If Hispanics make up over a third of students why is there no Hispanic on the School Board? And if Blacks make up 20% of students, why are there three Blacks on the school board? Shouldn't there just be one? Democrats are very careful about who they allow on school boards.

Paul Benedict

Charlie Gabriel

" I suspect the majority of their parents are not aware of the perverted material their kids have access to. I suspect they wouldn't be happy if they knew about it. "

Well, thank God for white saviors like you. SMDH.

Paul Benedict

That's super rich coming from you Charlie!

Larry Lyons

Perversity is in the eye of the beholder Charlie. Makes me wonder what's in your closet given the degree of projection you show.

Tom Manson

Conservatives do nothing well, except project their own insecurities on everyone else.

Paul Benedict

Tom, don't you have homes of the political opposition that you should be raiding?

John Dutko

I hope you are referring to Trump, cuz I can bring up articles from 2019 that showed how he was ignoring legal counsel and keeping documents in a non-classified area. And then how he ignored legal pleas for the documents. AND then from July when his lawyers lied and said there were no more....AND THEN when he contradicted himself multiple times...AND THEN WHEN HE JUSTIFIES ATTACKS AGAINST THE FBI...

It's a real doozy.

But yeah, let's not raid a dude who committed a crime.

His ass would've been droned like Anwar al-Awlaki by now.

Sacagawea Lax

@ John

How would Trump had gotten away with keeping docs. in non-classified areas? That sounds highly unusual and a breach of security that would have been adhered to immediately. Plus, what about the chain of custody of classified documents?

Sacagawea Lax

@ John

Sounds like lack of oversight, same thing two administrations ago with classified documents on personal emails. The oversight obviously didn't care, so. Seems like if certain people breach security protocols they get away with it while others don't.

Paul Benedict

John, it would be obvious that Trump declassified the items if he took them. He was still president when they were packed by GSA. Trump had the authority to declassify anything he wanted when president. Hillary had no such power with her classified emails on her personal laptop, yet the DOJ let her off with because of double standards. Trump did not justify attacks against the FBI. That is an idiotic statement and you know it. He criticized them for their blatant bias and double standards which is absolutely his right. The FBI, DOJ and other government inbreds have a long history of politicizing their illegal activities using the Color of Law. And it is obvious to most Americans.

John Dutko


I am very intimate with the National Declassification Center and know the guidance on Classified Markings.

For your own edu-mah-cation, consult this link:

I would be more than happy to discuss the bureaucratic nature of ACTUAL declassification (which is more than waving a wand around or just saying "I proclaim this to be DECLASSIFIED").

Additionally, those documents do not belong to him, they belong to the American government and then the public.

The National Archives repeatedly requested for the equities to be returned since January 2021 and since that time, Trump has been a citizen with no Presidential powers.

These documents were not in a Presidential library, which is usually under the operation of NARA. They were at his place of residence.

He broke the law. The Feds knew he broke the law and gave him a chance in June. His lawyers lied and said there were no more documents. And then the Feds let him hang himself as he repeatedly lied about the boxes of classified documents.

Would you like me to go over the different classifications? It would be very educating for the lot of you.

As for Hillary, the DOJ under Trump conducted the investigation and found nothing. If they would have, then by all means, throw the book at her. IDGAF.

Hillary also went through 11 hours of Congressional scrutiny, under oath. When is your boy gonna stop pleading the 5th and man up with his innocence? He is guilty af.

John Dutko


Look up the articles from February 8-12 2022.

Sacagawea Lax

Cool, thanks.

Found a follow up to this as well:

Sacagawea Lax

@ John

This is key, from the above article:

'Trump’s representatives said they believed the matter was closed, and that all documents had been rendered. After the search and the rendering of documents in June, one of Trump’s lawyers signed a document indicating Trump had no more "responsive" records — records that fit the scope of what was requested — according to The New York Times, which cited four sources with knowledge of the document. NBC News has not independently seen or confirmed the document.

But the FBI collected subsequent information that indicated there were more sensitive documents, leading it to get a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago Monday."

Larry Lyons

A lot of projection there Paul.

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