Reagan National expansion plans

Sunrise highlights the distinctive architecture of the B/C Terminals at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. (Photo by Brian Trompeter)

Say you’re flying into or out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Look down and, atop the Long Bridge Park aquatics center proposed for just north of the airport, the gleaming logo of a corporate sponsor comes into view.

Maybe it’s Nestlé, which is moving its corporate headquarters to Rosslyn. Boeing would be appropriate, both because of its aviation business and its major office compound in Crystal City. Or perhaps Chico’s Bail Bonds (little humor for fans of “Bad News Bears” on that one). 

Offering to sell, rent or lease space for a corporate logo might be a good way to make money off a captive audience – at least those sitting in window seats – one local elected official believes.

Arlington County Board member John Vihstadt hasn’t given up on his desire to have the county government try to recruit sponsors and partners for the planned $60 million aquatics center and fitness facility.

“What about selling naming rights on the roof?” he mused at a recent meeting.

Vihstadt brought the idea up last year, then revived it when County Manager Mark Schwartz brought back the aquatics-center proposal on April 25.

“He really didn’t have a good answer [about possibilities] – that’s a little disheartening to me,” Vihstadt said of Schwartz’s response. (The county manager did seem a little sour when asked about sponsorships, but didn’t rule out the possibility.)

Vihstadt also is pushing for consideration of advertising on Arlington Transit (ART) buses, at transit stops and at Capital Bikeshare stations to help raise a little cash. “This needs to be seriously considered,” he said, noting that a progress report on the matter from county staff was due by June.


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Boogereating Clinton

Why not sell naming rights to the county court house along with corporate sponsor on all police cars while we are at it? Sure would help reduce taxes when McDonalds logo is on the back of every patrol car


[thumbdown]Another $70 million to buy votes from the sports, recreation, entertainment special interests. How about a moratorium on infill so taxpayers aren't constantly having to fund new Taj Mahal infrastructure?

Julie McCandless

I want to know who the aquatic center is being built for. Looks to me that the primary users will be DC residents and Pentagon City and Crystal City residents and non-resident employees of corporations.

I am tired of my taxes going up every year to pay for extravagant public infrastructure I will never use.

Stop the insane "development for the sake of development" and start fixing and upgrading the infrastructure that's already here.

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