Police are investigating two weekend armed robberies 19 minutes apart in the Manassas area.

The first happened at 1 a.m. Saturday at the Denny’sat 8201 Sudley Road. The victim was standing in the parking lot when he was approached by an unknown man wearing all black clothing. The suspect brandished a firearm and demanded the victim’s property.

"At that time, a second unknown man wearing a white mask approached the victim and began taking property from the victim’s pockets," Prince William County Police Master Officer Renee Carr said.

The suspects took the victim’s property and fled on foot. No injuries were reported. A police K-9 searched the area for the suspects who were not located. Both suspects were men, one of which was wearing all black clothing and the other was wearing a white mask, a white hooded sweatshirt and black pants.

Then at 1:19 a.m., officers were called to the 7-Eleven at 7800 Centreville Road. A masked man entered the store and approached the 43-year-old employee, brandished a knife and escorted the employee to the service counter.

While at the counter, the suspect grabbed money and lottery tickets before taking the employee’s phone and fleeing on foot, Carr said. No injuries were reported.

Police K-9 and helicopter assistance from Fairfax County police searched the area for the suspect who was not located. He was last seen wearing a tan hat, sunglasses, a blue face covering, a blue jacket, a grey hooded sweatshirt underneath a black North Face sweatshirt, black gloves, grey shorts over black jogging pants, and white sneakers. 

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George Lawton IV

I wish I had a better description of what they looked like, such as skin color? What’s wrong inside nova, reality setting in yet?

CarWash Bonzai

As a grown man, past the age of 50, you don't find it quite childish to be spewing/worrying about race all day long? That little pea you call a brain doesn't allow you to contribute to any article if it doesn't involve race. Your feeble-minded brain can't go a day without tossing racial epithets. Indeed.com << Use it.

George Lawton IV

If you think I’m bad, I’d suggest turning on msnbc for an evening? Shows like joy Reid, Tiffany cross. It’ll blow your small feeble mind.

Wayne the Pain.

And what would you do with a better description? Go looking for them and save the day? Stop it with the dumb comments.

Cornelius Papadoupolos

WIsh we had an election that could tell these political leaders that truth in sentencing and funding law enforcement to make safer communities is important to us. Oh...wait..

John Dutko

More police do not equal safer communities. If that were the case, NYC would be the safest place in the US.

George Lawton IV

NYPD numbers are down nearly 20%. Communist slobs like yourself helped destroy that profession, no one wants to be in law enforcement anymore. Most US cities are virtually uninhabitable.

John Dutko

Marxists want people to keep their guns so they can rise up against the bourgeoisie.

Capitalists don't want people to have guns, as it is a threat to the economic order.

Paul Benedict

John, there is no example of in the history of humans where Marxists wanted people to keep their guns. Your kind just make up crap on the fly.

Duke Nukem

No, John is right and wrong, in a sense. Today's "Marxists" do not believe in individual rights, like the right to own guns, however Karl Marx DID want the proletariat to have guns, but most likely only until they completed their revolution over the bourgeoisie, at which point the proletariat would bring in totalitarianism and they would no longer be needed and taken away. Case in point, famous Marxist Vladimir Lenin who did obtain power and used words similar to Marx calling for the proletariat to rise up, using guns, but what did he do when he got in power...oh he confiscated guns with a penalty of 10 years hard labor. He thought of firearms as a means to an end. Not only him, Mousey Dung, was another. To think that Marxists today would allow the right to bear arms to be a thing is laughable. They would be used (just like the citizens) to kill whoever they don't like, get power, and then guns would simply be taken away. Rinse, repeat. Come on man... Also, if you didn't know, wall street, publicly trading/owning a "share" of a company is socialism. To think the USA is a capitalist society is small brain.

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