Police are searching for a gunman who robbed an employee at the Balls Ford Road McDonald's drive-through window on Friday.

The man pulled up to pay for his order at the Manassas-area restaurant about 4:55 p.m,, but instead got out of his car, brandished a gun and approached the window, said Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr.

The man then reached through the window and took the money from the open register.  Afterward, he returned to his car and drove away.

The robber was described as black, about 18 to 25 years old, with a medium build, black dreadlocks, a goatee and mustache, and tattoos on both arms and his left hand. He was last seen wearing a black beanie style cap, a black t-shirt with a yellow/red image and dark jeans.

He was driving a beige colored Mitsubishi Mirage.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 703-792-6500.


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Nice pic, bruh. The culture of violence continues.


And your racist comments continue Brad. You have the culture issue.


How is that comment racist? do you have any other answer besides calling people racists?

Isn't it funny how people are more worried about someone posting truthful statements then they are about violent criminals robbing drive thru windows?


It's racist because little Bradboy only makes his idiotic comment about minorities. The next time he makes the comment about a white person committing a crime will also be the first time. But then I'm sure that's too complicated for you to figure out bugs.


Truthful statements how does something as subjective as "culture of violence" have any evidence behind it? Than again science, math, education, etc. are "librul conspicies". Only your master Trump is right.


Derek005 we salute your heroism for pointing out Brads comment and disregarding facts.


What facts? Only facts I see are you folks user are ones that are pulled out of your rear ends. When scientists, economists, and academics are seen as source of conspiracy and are wrong by your account, and a reality TV show host is considered a paragon of your values, than it is clear by all accounts your voice has little to any relevance or value.


The facts are that one group disproportionately commits the most crime in America. The groups that put more emphasis on family and education are doing better economically and commit less crime. This is a problem and ignoring it, worrying about comments online and crying racism when it is pointed out will not fix the problem.


Actually, one group is over-policed and over prosecuted than the other. 2 different things. The other group does not commit less crimes


Citizen, You folks are ignorant to true facts. You know racist/bigot comments when you see them.


Swandive blacks are 13% of the population and commit 52% of the murders. By your logic we are catching and prosecuting to many black murders. Shall we let some murders go free to adjust the numbers? BTW these are facts from the Justice Dept. under Obama. Derek005 comment or not facts are facts.


Funny how you avoided the other obvious answer which is police all races equally. Dont worry though, with incarceration rates of minorities decreasing and mandatory sentences for methamphetamine abuse, and opiod abuse, the numbers are actually starting to move towards each other.


Please explain how you can possibly police all races equally when there is a clear need for policing. 52% of all murders and my guess is that includes many crimes against black people. My guess is that the majority of black people want the support and protection police provide. If will start policing areas where there is no need I am sure we will not hear a peep from the black community. The answer is not police, it’s emphasizing family and education.

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