Two people were shot late Friday morning in Manassas Park as they tried to rob a suspected dealer of cash and drugs, police say.

Police were called to the shooting at 331 Manassas Drive at 11:45 a.m., where they found two people, 21-year-old Yesenia C. Izaguirre and 27-year-old Jonathan M. Hernandez, both of Manassas Park, suffering gunshot wounds.

The two are accused of trying to rob a suspected drug dealer, 22-year-old Missael Diaz Soto of Dale City, but Diaz Soto shot them both, police said in a news release. Hernandez and Izaguirre were taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital with serious injuries.

Police charged Diaz Soto with two counts of malicious wounding, shooting into an occupied vehicle, two counts of use of a firearm during a felony and discharging a firearm within Manassas Park city limits, the release said.

Yesenia Carolina Izaguirre was charged with robbery, grand larceny, driving on a suspended license and hit and run, police said.

Charges are pending against Jonathan Merlo Hernandez after his release from the hospital.

"At this time, this appears to be an isolated incident and there is no further threat to the community," the release said.

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Will Williams


Lon G Johnson

Ahhh just looking for work and trying to assimilate!

Tom Manson

Curious on your thoughts regarding all the hillbilly heroin dealers?

Wait, nobody cares.

Drug crime continues to be a scourge, with violence coming to our nicer areas. Start focusing more on getting users clean and supply side issues will end.

Lon G Johnson

Wrong, stop the importation of mTerials needed to make Hillbilly heroin as you say then supply dries up, wait Diaper Joe welcomes all trash through the souther border…impeachment coming soon though

Duke Nukem

Lol Republicans don't have the guts or the media which the dems had/have. We'll be lucky if we even find out what Nancy was doing on J6

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