Prince William County has outsourced its dog licensing program to PetData Inc., which provides animal licensing services throughout the country.

The change was effective Nov. 1. 

The county is no longer processing dog licenses at the counter, by mail or online. PetData handles all aspects of the process, including mailing animal license notices, processing payments, entering data, answering phone calls from pet owners, and handling online pet licensing.

The county says that dog owners should follow these steps to ensure their pets are properly licensed:

To license a pet online: Go to and under “License Now,” click "Online." (The owner may upload or submit the pet’s rabies certificate via fax, mail or email later.) All major credit cards are accepted, and a $2 convenience fee applies per transaction. 

Owners may license multiple pets (up to four) in one transaction. To license more than four pets, contact the zoning office at 703-792-6830 or to obtain a kennel license.

To license a pet by mail: Download an application from and mail it with a copy of the pet's current rabies vaccination certificate and a check or money order made payable to Prince William County to: Prince William County Pet Licensing, c/o PetData, P.O. Box 141929, Irving TX 75014-1929. Cash is not accepted. Paperwork is not returned.

New tags for 2021: The 2021 Prince William County license tag includes important free benefits. To access these benefits, once an owner receives a tag, they should scan the QR code on the tag using a smartphone camera. This provides access to the PetHub “Activate Your Tag” webpage. From there, an owner can create a free account, sign up to receive found pet alerts, keep a pet’s medical history in one place and more.

For all licensing questions, contact PetData at 1-888-723-7128 or through the website at

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Just another gimmick to make white people richer.


other than service dogs/farms .. all cats and dogs licensing fees should be increased 100x. Considering the environmental impact of all the people that have dogs and cats these days (from feces that runs into water sheds, food, medicine, toys, bedding etc ..)

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