Elite Shooting Sports

Prince William County will purchase the Elite Shooting Sports facility near Manassas for nearly $22 million.

Prince William County has agreed to purchase the Elite Shooting Sports facility as its new law enforcement training center, county officials announced Tuesday night.

The purchase price for the complex at 7751 Doane Drive, Manassas, is nearly $22 million, according to a county news release.

The 65,000-square-foot facility features four bays with up to 42 lanes for training at distances between 25 and 100 yards. It also boasts space for multiple classrooms and adequate parking.

The owner of Elite Shooting Sports is seeking to retire and signed the contract with the county for purchase, according to the news release. Based on the contemporary design of the circa-2014 building, the county police department will transition training “seamlessly with minimal renovation and without the delay of a new build project,” the release states. 

The police department’s current Pennington Range sits on the grounds of the Public Safety Training Center in Nokesville and was constructed in 1995. County officials say the 20,000-square-foot facility in Nokesville is in need of significant expansion and renovations to meet the demands of the county’s police department. 

"With only one training bay and 12 lanes capable of training within 50 yards, the range is inefficient in providing officers with the necessary skills, space, and tools needed in modern policing," the release states. "The facility also only has space for one classroom, and limited space for offices, storage, weapons maintenance, and parking.

Estimates to build a new county facility have been tabbed at more than $28 million. 

“This [Elite] facility offers our officers the training needed in today’s environment without undue cost and delays experienced with a complete new build,” Peter Newsham, chief of the Prince William County Police Department, said in the release. “Adequately training officers has never been more important than it is now. This facility is a win-win for the police department and the community we serve.”

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(16) comments

Bill Welch

Perhaps we can all contact the County Board and recommend dual use with citizens and police. I intend to.

Jason Weishaupt

I'll stick with Northern Virginia Gun Club in King George. I was there yesterday and had the entire range to myself.

PWC Resident

If you look at Elite’s Facebook page you can see that they posted today that the decision was made due to the owners failing health.

Dunce Hermit

Congrats to the retired man now 22 million dollars happier. But I hope this isn't a step toward limiting gun usage for civilians...

Doogle McBernstein

proof cops don't give a damn about the tax payers. Not only will they spend our money, they will take the best shooting facility in PWC.... and still show up to a scene late

George Santos-Claus


This was a private-party business transaction that saved taxpayers money.


Tom Fitzpatrick

Was it?

To answer that question with any credibility, we need to know the entire history of this property and business. Was it a private enterprise, entirely? Or, was it supported in any way shape or form by taxpayer dollars, to include tax incentives, and so forth?

If it was entirely "private enterprise," God bless them.

If not, taxpayers need to be compensated. And by "taxpayers," I mean taxpayers, not the government.


Heard about this and moved my family membership to XCAL, over by TopGolf. Check it out. https://xcal.com/shooting-sports/

Tom Manson

I have been shooting at Elite since they opened and find this.a very sad announcement, at least for all of us who enjoy the facility. This is an opportunity for someone else to open a local range and a public that needs great indoor ranges. I'm at a loss, having also lost blue ridge in Chantilly after years of range time.

Jeffrey Yuhasse

Any idea when the transaction will take place. I have a gift card for Elite I would like to use before the deal closes.

Doug Huneycutt

Since this facility is being purchased with taxpayer funding, wouldn't it be nice to have it available to the taxpaying public?

At least to those of us who have paid membership fees there for years?

Even more forward looking, maybe incorporating those skilled marksmen (and women and kids) into volunteer positions with the PWPD?

That might even help overcome that feeling of having the rug yanked out without consideration.

George Santos-Claus

Some of your ideas are a bit of a stretch, I think this is a big sigh of relief for the department and the tax-payer, however. Just the circumstances for the everyday shooter are unfortunate.

If this facility is an extension of the public safety training facility, then it will be exclusively for PWCPD, but am wondering if all of the departments in the county, the cities and towns will also have access to this facility which would be favorable.

George Santos-Claus

The PWC sheriff's department will have access as they traing alongside PWCPD in the police academy.

Carlton Hendricks

Did you just suggest that kids that can pew pew well be able to volunteer as cops?

George Lawton V

That's terrible, I'm sure that's pissing off numerous people. Very nice place. Sounds like the owner just wanted to cash out, its only been open for 9 years.

Carlton Hendricks

...so you'd turn down 22 million dollars? haha

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