Quantico front gate

Prince William County has approved an agreement with the U.S. Marine Corps to complete public works projects on the base at Quantico.

Last week, the Board of County Supervisors approved the agreement and set aside $500,000 for an associated construction crew.


Under the pact, the base would create a request for quotes on certain projects exceeding $2,500 and submit it to the county. The board can then choose to take on the project and direct staff to submit a proposal, or decline. In the latter case, the base would then have to tackle the project through a different process.

“This is an umbrella agreement where anytime they need some work that we believe is a public benefit, and we have time to do it, they can ask us to give them a price,” Public Works Director Tom Smith said in a news release. “If everything works out, we would go in and do the work for them.”

The covenant will primarily allow the county to complete drainage and road projects on the base, according to the press release. 

Col. Will Bentley, the base’s commander, said traffic problems on base can spill into the community as about 25,000 people enter the facility each day. 

“We’re part of the neighborhood,” Bentley said in the release. “Our roads impact Prince William County. People do use the base – people who live out in the town and people who come on the base and even use the base as a transportation mode to get in and around traffic on [Interstate] 95.”

The county’s first planned project at the base is on Russell Road, at the southern entrance to the base along the Stafford-Prince William county line. The county will make repairs to address slope failures and a collapsing pipe. The base will reimburse the county for the cost of the work.

“[The agreement] helps in serving the community from an economic development standpoint. This is not just a one-sided partnership,” Supervisor Andrea Bailey, whose Potomac District includes the base, said in a press release. “This is a collective partnership to make sure that we’re serving at a higher level as it relates to economic development.”


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