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After 30 meetings, three community forums, and 7,754 responses to an online survey, the Prince William County School Board has determined that the next superintendent must have strong communication skills, a proven record of success and experience working in a diverse school system. 

These traits, compiled into a leadership profile unanimously approved by the school board Dec. 17, were collected by search firm BWP & Associates through a community engagement process that included the meetings, community forums and online survey. The district is seeking a new superintendent to replace Dr. Steve Walts, who is retiring June 30 after more than 15 years with the school system. 

Walts’ departure followed an investigation into messages sent to Prince William County students through his Twitter account. Walts also faces a defamation suit by former school board Chair Ryan Sawyers that is based on Walts’ video response to the investigation. 

The leadership profile helps those interested in applying for the position identify the qualifications the school system is seeking, based on the feedback from the community engagement process. 

“The Board seeks candidates who can demonstrate a ‘match and fit’ with the leadership qualities and characteristics listed [within the leadership profile],” it states.

In addition to strong communication skills, a proven record of success, and experience working in a diverse school system, a variety of other traits are being sought in the new superintendent. Community feedback highlighted the need for a superintendent with experience in instruction, finance and strategic planning. The feedback also listed integrity, commitment to community, interpersonal skills and good judgment as essential. 

“[The Board seeks] a progressive, approachable leader with a solid instructional background who understands large and complex organizations, has been successful navigating the dynamics of change and will take bold action,” states the leadership profile. 

With the leadership profile approved, the search process has now branched into the recruitment phase. During this period, the leadership profile will be made public and advertised nationally by BWP & Associates. This part of the process will last until the end of January and will be followed by candidate interviews and possible site visits by the school board. 

If all goes as planned, the school district’s next superintendent will be selected and announced “as far in advance” of July 1 as possible, according to the school system.


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Colonel Trautman

Vote Democrat and push the anti white social justice propaganda.


I’d make a friendly wager that it will certainly be a affirmative action hire. The brain washing and 3rd world education of the children must continue. Weird white liberals love worshiping black people in a cult style way instead of just treating everyone like human beings.


I am very relieved that it is absolutely necessary that our next Superintendent be a "progressive." How would PWCS possibly be able to survive if s/he was a moderate, conservative, or libertarian? Remember as Hillary Clinton famously once famously admonished us, "It's all about [controlling] the children [and their minds]".


I would welcome any minority candidate if they were the best qualified. I’ve had some great employees who were minorities. We’ve got to quit paying attention to skin color, ethnicity, and political affiliation.


These responses show how delusional Republicans are.


You said your brother attends TJ. If so, that makes you a youngster. Try learning inferential reading skills. My comment supported ignoring race and ethnicity as a hiring factor.


No one's talking about race but the GOP always has to race bait.


Read (if you can) the article.


And the all-time champion race baiters Sharpton and Jackson represent which party?


I don’t want any progressive attributes in the leadership for my children’s learning!!! Also, where is the commitment to fixing the substandard special education program in our county? I mean we have been looked at constantly under Walts leadership by the federal government for the inconsistency of learning for our community’s children. We also need someone that will audit the Walts years and all his people who he brought from Greece NY for any criminal acts they have committed towards us the taxpayers and employees they have screwed over.

PWC resident since '69

Another clown on the horizon. Amazing the pay for Supt. of an underperforming school system is more than that of the POTUS. Reduce the pay, negate any candidate from an urban district that is failing and go for best candidate. Diversity is so much more than a color wheel...

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I welcome the most qualified and experienced human being. Exclusionary factors; a history of Implementing personal or political agenda/viewpoint in the workplace. The best qualified person(s) will display a high degree of professionalism. Must be willing to ensure school district employees adhere to a non-bias/objective environment. Capable of the putting the teacher’s union in its place! Specially, when “issues” are not in the student’s best interest.

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