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Robert Richard Miller

An inmate at the Prince William-Manassas regional jail has been charged with assault after police say he coughed on a staff member.

Officers were called to the jail at 9320 Lee Ave. in Manassas at 4:44 a.m. Sunday to investigate after the inmate deliberately coughed on the staff member, Prince William County police spokeswoman Renee Carr said.

Robert Richard Miller, 41, of Manassas, was charged with assault and battery on a corrections officer, Carr said.

Miller had been arrested earlier in the day on public intoxication and swearing charges, according to court records.

Miller remains jailed awaiting a Jan. 14 court date.


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What a loser, so glad he’s going to be charged with a felony now and can never for vote for Biden or any other Democrat again.


This guy will definitely be voting for Trump and the GOP once he gets out of prison. Looks like just about anyone you'd see at a Trump rally.


Not just that but uneducated white people, are the GOP's base without felons like him the GOP can never win.


Spoken like a true elitist. You’re probably one of the biggest slobs around.

PWC resident since '69

You are the problem, elite person who hates those that are in different economic, educational and racial groups. This guy would benefit from Dem policies. You seem like a narrow minded piece of human garbage

PWC Trump Train

Imagine the level of mental gymnastics required to convince yourself of something like this, the absolute state of the left is laughable;


Safe to say, this guy definately has an extensive arrest record.


Hey inside commie didnt the democrats free the felons and give inmates the right to vote? Do you even have a television? I think you are a russian operative like Joe Biden and Adam Schiff. Clean your room mommy is calling.


....Trump has granted executive clemency to 25 convicted felons, most of them whom are well connected....translation folks who are the same color as this guy, but whose necks are a little less red...

Lawson is clueless

Such a poor excuse for a human being. InsideCommetater you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing race and who he might vote for into the discussion.

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