14th high school Minnieville and Telegraph roads

The Prince William County School Board signed off on three more property acquisitions for the division’s 14th high school Wednesday night.

Approved at Wednesday’s school board meeting, Prince William County Schools will purchase 35.32 more acres for just over $6 million total. Last month, the board approved the first land acquisition for the high school, paying $2.7 million for 20.82 acres of land between Telegraph and Minnieville Roads, near Interstate 95 and adjacent to the Mount Olive Baptist Church.

Previously planned to open in 2024, the agenda items for last night’s acquisitions noted a 2025 opening, though that could be subject to change. After the original acquisition approval, School Board Chair Babur Lateef cautioned that if the division ran into problems buying the other necessary parcels, the final location of the school could change. The school division says it will need a total of seven parcels at the Minnieville and Telegraph location for the high school. 

The last school built in the division, Gainesville High School, will serve the western side of the county when it opens later this year. It was built to help ease the overcrowding at Battlefield and Patriot High Schools, but some families and board members said that the east side also needs a new high school.

At first, the division proposed a location off Prince William County Parkway and Hoadly Road, across from the county government location. Nearby residents objected as staff sought other potential locations.

“They look at a variety of different places that suit the need at the time, the first being: where does it need to go? And the second being: is there a good site to put there?” Lateef said last month. “There was general consensus that we needed a mid-county or eastern school, and it’s challenging to find property on the eastern side of the county. You need about 100-plus acres for a high school and it’s really challenging to find that.”

Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at jforetek@insidenova.com



Jared Foretek covers the Manassas area and regional news across Northern Virginia. Reach him at jforetek@insidenova.com

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