Lateef vaccinating

Prince William County School Board Chair Babur Lateef, who is also a doctor, vaccinating a county schools employee in January 2021. 

The Prince William County School Board this week will consider mandating COVID-19 vaccines or weekly testing for school staff.

The agenda for Wednesday's meeting lists a board item titled "Approval of Resolution for Safe Learning and Safe Workplace."

Attached to the agenda item is a resolution that would require all school officers, employees and "all persons providing services to PWCS who have direct contact with PWCS students," to disclose their vaccine status by Nov. 1.

Those who are not fully vaccinated or who refuse to disclose their vaccine status would be required to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing, the resolution reads.

The resolution notes that about 80 percent of Prince William school division staff is vaccinated against the virus.

"... It is the highest priority of the Prince William County School Board to open its schools for in-person learning while protecting the health and safety of students and staff, and in order to do so, it is necessary to require all PWCS officials, employees, and those persons providing services who have direct contact with PWCS students to be vaccinated," the resolution reads.

Last month, Superintendent LaTanya McDade said a vaccine mandate is “worth exploring” but that she wasn’t working on implementing one at the time being.

“We do want students not only to return, but we want students to remain in school and to reduce as much as possible any need for quarantine and disruption,” McDade told InsideNoVa in late August. “And we do know that the vaccination is our best defense against not only COVID but also in keeping our students in school.”

The school divisions in Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington counties have already mandated vaccines or weekly tests for their employees.

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Fix Prince William

They should mandate horse de-wormer, bleach, sunlight and chloronoquine cocktails.

A.B. Herman

American schools have been requiring vaccines to curb the spread of preventable disease since Massachusetts mandated smallpox inoculations for students and staff roughly 170 years ago.

Mandates have been around for a long time. And they indisputably work. That stats on that one are crystal clear, and it's not even close.

By state and federal law, my kid isn't free to spread measles, diptheria, hepatitis, etc. in school. That same law should mandate that ignorant antivax hysterics shouldn't be free to give my kid Covid. Period.

Harry Morant

much for following “the science”. It’s all political now. OBEY your Communist Overlords Everyone!

Larry Lyons

I rather doubt you'd recognize a Communist even if Vladimir Lenin himself snuck up behind you and gave you an atomic wedgie. That said, masks work. They may not stop you from becoming infected, but they DO limit your chances of infecting others by trapping aerosols and other particles in the mask. Every virus particle blocked by the mask is one less that will infect others. In other words your FREEDUMB means you have a responsibility to those around you, your neighbourhood, state and country. You forget something very fundamental, as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, Your right to swing your fists ends before my nose begins.

So why do you hate America so Harry?

George Lawton

Make them fire you, don’t submit. There is lots of crappy $50k a year government jobs to choose from if that’s your thing.

Brad London

Or they could come work with you at Mickey D's.

John Dutko

Let's hope they do. That will free up some billets.

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