Prince William County residents are urged to express their thoughts on education, policing and government services at this week’s Racial and Social Justice Commission meeting.

The commission is seeking community input for Thursday’s meeting.

The panel, approved by the Board of Supervisors in October, is tasked with delivering a report that examines “the state of racial and social justice for people of color” in the county and making recommendations to the county government. Its initial focus is on policing, the “provision of government services” and public education.

The commission has created committees for each of the three target areas and the committees are in their second round of meetings.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the James J. McCoart Administration Building, 1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge.

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Change Craford

This is why they are asking for input because of people like some of these folks posting comments. The majority of them always pull the political card. Democrats don't make crime worse either. Republicans and Democrat's commit crime and are victims of crime. For the Republicans who won't mention the Insurrection that happened and was led by Trump and all other Trumpets, you folks have been quiet as a mouse because you are to embarrassed and know it was all Trumpets destroying and killing folks.

Lynne June

No one agrees with violence on either side. Derek, give up the Trumpster and Trumpet lingo. There are a large group of people who are not enthralled with the man but could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary or Joe.

Change Craford

Thanks Lynne, you are correct and I appreciate the feedback.

Bill Rio

Trump is not the President anymore. Move on with your life.

John Dutko

You might want to tell the Republican members of the Senate and House that because they still act like it and simp to Trump's whims.

Paul Benedict

The so-called "insurrection" was by leftist standards a mostly peaceful demonstration. The only homicide on January 6 was that of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman killed by a Capitol Police officer. The other deaths were ruled as something other than homicide by the coroner. Ashli Babbitt should have been arrested, but shooting and killing her seems a stretch. Can you imagine if Secret Service police had shot and killed one of the mostly violent Biden supporters protesting outside the Whitehouse last year. People like you would have freaked out. Your double standards are amazing! There were many more injuries to police in those left-wing protests and much more damage to buildings and vehicles. But people like you ignore it. Left wing political violence in the last year has killed dozens of people across the country and caused billions of dollars in damage.

You are shameful!

John Dutko

Can you imagine if the president orchestrated a riot to violate Constitutional norms in an attempt to hold onto power AFTER losing multiple lawsuits and recounts?

And let us tell the tale of Ashli Babbitt, an ex-Air Force security guard who knew damn well what she was doing, especially after taking the Oath of Enlistment.

What I find fascinating is that Republicans have been pushing to defund the Capital Police and reduce security for the Capital. That is shameful double-speak and cowardice.

And since we are throwing out hypotheticals, Can you imagine if there was a concerted effort by armed minorities to occupy state governments?

Joe Christmas

Trump had no way of knowing the protestors would try to break into the capitol. Babbitt most likely didn't either. Thought the moment that started happening, she should have known to leave immediately. Also, calling what happened an "insurrection" is in CNN make-believe land. If a group of folks were really attempting an insurrection, they would have shown up near the capitol armed. But they didn't. Most likely just came to protest, others came to disrupt. But left wing disrupts all the time. They do it at state capitols and at every single supreme court nominee confirmation hearing, etc. etc.

John Dutko


Some questions that you need to answer:

- Why did the President do nothing for 2 hours while the halls of Congress were getting swarmed? Why did he sit by and watch on TV as it unfolded? Was this a deliberate action or negligence? And for each answer, why should the leader of the country EVER be trusted after that.

-Since we saw that same technique during the Brooks Brothers Riots in Florida (orchestrated again by Roger Stone) it is a safe bet that Trump knew what he was doing with his rhetoric.

-Babbitt knew she was breaking the law. Her Twitter and Instagram feed at the time attested to that fact.

-"Insurrection" or "Bloodless Coup Attempt". Either way, the plan was laid out online for over a month regarding the disruption of vote counting as a way to retain power. It just surprised everyone that there was enough idiots that attempted to do it.

-I want to hear your take on fighting for equality VS attacking the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act. Like, really. I need to know your rationale that may be counterintuitive to normal reasonable people.

Brad London

Total waste of time and money. Looking for a solution for something that is just a media / liberal fabrication.

John Dutko

Like Dr. Suess and Mr. Potatohead obsessions?

Paul Benedict

The majority of victims of violent crime in Prince William County are also people of color, and hopefully that is kept in mind by this commission. Nobody wants to see police officers abusing their powers, but if you overreach in inhibiting enforcement of the law, crime will go up and people of color will be the primary victims. It will not likely be people of no color, like me. Can anybody think of a jurisdiction in the US where this is not true? Democrats always make crime worse. There are no exceptions.

John Dutko

Can you back up your claims? Seems like BS arguments all around.

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