Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Amy Ashworth said Friday evening that her office has become aware of allegations that people are attempting to "test the system" by voting twice.

That act, she said in a statement, is illegal in Virginia and her office will prosecute anyone who attempts voter fraud.

"The public deserves to know that regardless of what is said or inferred by any official, elected or otherwise, it remains illegal to vote twice in the same election in the Commonwealth of Virginia pursuant to Code section § 24.2-1004," she wrote.

Ashworth did not say if her office is investigating any particular incidents in Prince William County, or if her statement was prompted by a particular incident, group or individual.

"The office can’t comment on any ongoing investigations. But our office has received notifications from the local election boards of incidents they are investigating," her office said in an email to

The statement said systems are in place to catch individuals attempting to commit voter fraud and to harass or intimidate voters.

"This office stands ready to prosecute incidents of voter fraud, election interference, intimidation, and harassment that occur within the 31st Judicial District, regardless of political allegiance," wrote Ashworth, who is a Democrat.

She said she has the "utmost confidence" in the electoral process and in local election officials.

If you have questions about voting or your ballot, visit the Board of Elections websites for municipalities in the 31st Judicial District:

Prince William County Board of Elections website:

Manassas Park City Board of Elections web page:

Manassas City Board of Elections web page:


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I'm sick of our crazy republicans endangering democracy by brainlessly listening to a failed casino owning con man.


Are you trying to vote twice?


No I'm not a redumblican.


Since you are merely a child, we would not expect you to respond as such.

Poor cerebral cortex functions leads to more impulsive behavior


So you're a demorat (see i can make up stupid names for people i disagree with too)


Just a demonrat right?

PWC resident since '69

Then do ot, be done, we won’t grieve


Poor ignorant InsideCommenter. You should try and get some facts to back up your ridiculously uninformed comments. Just another loser.


I'm sick of our crazy Democrats endangering democracy by brainlessly listening to a failed vice president whose drug addicted, prostitute using, dishonorably discharged son got paid millions by foreigners to give them access to dad, and in exchange gave dad, the Big Guy, a 10% commission. Did Obama get a cut too? We will find out someday.


Using your logic and applying the “sins of the family” approach, Trump and his whole family are going to jail as well as the people in his cabinet.


By the way... Have the editors looked up what a "prosector" is. Might want to correct that. Probably fits Amy anyway.


InsideNova. How about hiring someone that can proofread. "Prosector: Allegations rumored of people trying to vote twice in Prince William"


It's the democrats. They know they have to cheat to win.


In Chicago, this has been happening with the Democratic Party since at least 1960. Read multiple sources. Texas was involved to a lesser degree.


Voting should only be in person with state license and prove of residency in that county and proof of citizenship.


Pretty hard for our armed forces to meet your demands Omar


And restricted to accredited college diploma holders, people with good credit, and homeowners. Let's keep on gatekeeping and imposing more hurdles for people to act on their constitutional rights afforded to them.


Not surprised, considering Trump tweeted

"NORTH CAROLINA: To make sure your Ballot COUNTS, sign & send it in EARLY. When Polls open, go to your Polling Place to see if it was COUNTED. IF NOT, VOTE!" Trump wrote on Twitter Saturday.

"Your signed Ballot will not count because your vote has been posted. Don't let them illegally take your vote away from you!"

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