Quantico front gate

Quantico Marine Corps base will soon house Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

The Department of Defense on Wednesday authorized the use of Quantico and Fort Pickett in central Virginia to house about 15,000 refugees, the Associated Press reported. Quantico will take in about 5,000 and Fort Pickett about 10,000.

Fort Lee Army base outside Richmond has already been housing Afghan translators and their families for weeks.

In a statement, U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, (D-Va.), said he is "immensely proud Virginia is leading the way in supporting U.S. personnel, Afghan partners, and other at-risk Afghans during this critical time."

Hundreds of refugees arrived at Dulles International Airport this weekend and are being temporarily housed at the Dulles Expo Center. Local mosques, including Dar Alnoor in Prince William County, along with many Northern Virginia charity organizations are working to help provide immediate needs and long-term resettlement plans.


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George Lawton

LOL….so the brave soldiers who fought them now get to live next to them in the USA. Endless clown world. I’m sure they’re all American loving refugees though like Ilhan Omar. I wonder how many future terrorists will be in there?

Martin Geter

Im sure there are just as many American loving refugees on Quantico as there are American loving Americans. Remember Nicholas Tindall?? The non-American loving former Marine turned domestic Terrorist???

Larry Lyons

There are far more potential terrorists in any MAGAt rally than in this group. Remember these people helped us in Afghanistan. They gave up everything to help us. And cowardly chickenhawks like you want to welch on debt we owe them. Unlike your sort the rest of us believe in paying our debts. I am sure if these people were white and Christian (of the correct sort) you'd crawl a mile over ground glass to get them into the country.

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