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Shawn Robinson, 27, of Alexandria, was charged with impersonating a police officer after stopping a real police officer this week, officials said.

Police say a man impersonating a police officer attempted to pull over an actual police officer near Dale City on Thursday.

An off-duty police officer reported that he was driving on Benita Fitzgerald Drive just before 1 a.m. on Jan. 29 when he saw a white Crown Victoria following him, Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok said in a news release.

The driver of the Crown Victoria turned on a spotlight affixed to his vehicle, causing the off-duty officer to think he was a police officer and pull over. The driver of the Crown Victoria “never exited the vehicle but instead, pulled alongside” the other vehicle “and attempted to make contact,” Perok said.

The off-duty officer then identified himself as a police officer and the other driver sped away.

The off-duty officer followed the other vehicle to the area of Cliffview Drive and Waterway Drive in Montclair, where the driver and a passenger got out of the car and ran away.

The off-duty officer gave police the car’s tag number and police identified the driver as Shawn Michael Robinson, 27, of Beechcraft Drive in Alexandria, Perok said. Police obtained a warrant charging him with impersonating a police officer, and Robinson turned himself in later that day.


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Retired Cop

I am guessing the City of Alexandria is happy to get rid of him.

JJ Reynolds

If I were a juror in this case, based upon what is in this article, I would not convict.


Lovely. A liberal wanting to let bad guys go.

Retired Cop


JJ Reynolds

The Commonwealth is simply going to have to do better than he shined a spotlight and I thought he was a cop.


Yeah, I'm fairly certain the "Commonwealth" didn't release all info to the media.


Culture of violence continues...


A busted old Crown Vic flashed lights at us on Joplin Road at around 1am not too long ago. He had the road blocked off but sped off shortly after, doing about 70 down the road. We kept up to get tag number which was from PA and called it in. When we reached the 95 exit, he stopped off to follow us. Pretty weird stuff.


Wow! I guess that fool thought he was having fun or something smh... I wonder what his defense is...


I agree with JJ and with Bigfoot... They are going to have to a heck of a lot better in providing evidence. I'd love to hear how the trial goes. I always find it hard to follow up on cases like this though... It seems like you catch a few BS snips in the media and then it's gone for good. But lets just say that the info we have IS all the info to the case (hypothetically), JJ would be right. In fact, thats the first thing I said when I read the article (and i'm all about locking up pieces of shit from the street). Just shining a light into someone's car doesn't mean you're presenting yourself as an officer. Did he have some sort of make-shift uniform? Was he also flashing red and blue lights? I'm sure there is a traffic violation that better fits the description of evidence. They really need to think about going a different rout there. just sayin.


Case# GC15001184, hearing date 3/4/15. Impersonation of a Police Officer is the only charge, no traffic violation. I'll bet the cop who called this in a box of donuts that it gets Nolle Prossed

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