Rosie's rendering

Rendering shows the new Rosie's location in Triangle Shopping Plaza on U.S. 1 in Dumfries.

Northern Virginia's first gambling parlor will open in Dumfries on Friday, Jan. 8.

Rosie's Gaming Emporium, which has four outlets elsewhere in Virginia, offers betting on historic horse races through slot-like machines, as well as simulcasting of horse races, where bettors can wager on live races at tracks all across the country.

The Virginia General Assembly legalized betting on historic horse races in 2018, and Dumfries voters approved a local referendum for the gaming emporium in November 2019.  The Rosie's venue is in the Triangle Shopping Plaza between Route 1 and Main Street in Dumfries. 

Rosie's is operated by the Colonial Downs Group, and a portion of the proceeds are used to benefit the horse-racing industry in Virginia.  In October, the total amount wagered at the four other Rosie’s locations, in Vinton, New Kent, Richmond and Hampton, totaled nearly $200 million. The sites paid $2.5 million in state and local taxes.

Colonial Downs spokesman Mark Hubbard said Rosie’s has been following CDC and state guidelines to keep its customers safe, and will limit capacity at the Dumfries venue to 135 people, which include guests and staff. The normal full capacity for the site would be 400.

All staff and customers will be required to have a temperature check at the door before they are allowed to enter, protective shields will be installed between gambling machines, surfaces will be constantly cleaned, staff will be regularly be tested, and everyone in the building will be required to wear a face mask, Hubbard said.

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(5) comments


This place will be ghetto as heck and is just a way to tax all the poor people in Dumfries...


Walking distance from Williamstown! No doubt this place will be jumping the day after the welfare checks arrive.


Wow there will be more problems at this place that they won't know what to do. Wonder what brain child thought of putting a betting Casino in the poorest part of PWC? Can anyone say crime and more crime. Yeah you all are right they won't be able to cash their welfare checks fast enough. Mind you though we all will pay in one way or another.

Colonel Trautman

They know the makeup of this area, it’s why they put it there. And they will make a sh*t ton of money. Sad.


After losing their welfare checks to Rosie's, where will the ghetto people get more money to gamble away at Rosie's? 1) rob stores in the shopping center? 2) rob the McDonald's? 3) rob shopping center customers? 4) rob the local bank or 7-11 across Route 1? Do you see a pattern here?

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