Ryan Sawyers

Prince William School Board chairman Ryan Sawyers

Democrat Ryan Sawyers will be the next chairman of the Prince William County School Board, coming out on top of a three-way race to replace outgoing School Board Chairman Milt Johns.

With 96 percent of the precincts reporting, Sawyers had garnered 22,237 votes, or 37.27 percent of the total.

Republican Tim Singstock, 40, came in second place, with 20,898 votes or 35.03 percent.

Independent Tracy Conroy came in third with 16,191 votes or 27.14 percent.

But it appears that Conroy, 49, was the deciding factor in the race, as Singstock and Conroy split the vote in many of western Prince William’s more conservative precincts. Sawyers did well in eastern Prince William districts with stronger Democratic showings.

Sawyers, 37, is a former college baseball coach and Haymarket father of two. He campaigned on getting rid of the long-standing revenue sharing agreement between the county and the school division, saying it effectively stifles debate about what the county should spend to adequately fund schools.

“We still can’t solve our problems by ourselves, we need to work with the board of supervisors,” Sawyers said after the votes were counted Tuesday night. “All 16 elected representatives have to work together to solve the problems with our schools and that’s all there is to it.”

Sawyers said he tried to be careful not to make too many promises in his campaign, but rather to bring up ideas for addressing large class sizes and school overcrowding. “I ran to change the conversation,” he added. “And I’m excited that, now that I’ve won, we’ll get to do it.”

Sawyers runs his own sports marketing firm, which facilitates youth sports camps for college athletic programs.


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I guess tat means our taxes will go up to house thousands of ILLEGALS, and build more large swimming pools for other schools. I am retired, nearly 80 years old, and I'm tired of paying taxes for ILLEGALS, other people children and schools with swimming pools and other thing they do NOT need.


Should have been, that, not, tat.

Paul Miller

The main problem is a lot of folks don't think the schools administration and school board have effectively used the money the county provides for education. Ridiculous spending debacles like what we're seeing on these new pools just feeds into that view.

We need to let Walts go, and we need to elect school board members who will do that. Sigh, maybe in another four years.

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