A shooting outside Nationals Park in D.C. Saturday night left four people injured and postponed Saturday night's game.

D.C. police said that two people were shot outside of Nationals Park in the 1500 block of South Capitol Street, SW Saturday night. An additional two victims took themselves to the hospital.

Police confirmed one of the victims, a woman, was struck by stray gunfire near the third-base entrance. She is expected to survive.

The team’s game against the San Diego Padres has been postponed until tomorrow due to the shooting.

Hearing shots fired alarmed the thousands of fans in the stands. WTOP’s Dan Friedell, who was working the game in the press box, said that he had “never seen anything like this.”

Friedell reported that, at first, there was a thought that the commotion was due to incoming storms. But that perception changed quickly when tons of fans began heading toward the exits.

“Next thing we know we can see hundreds, perhaps thousands of fans, leaving their seats behind the centerfield bullpen and the San Diego Padres bullpen — running toward the centerfield exit… it’s just completely unclear. It was very chaotic,” Friedell said.

“If seeing hundreds of people running for the exits and centerfield wasn’t strange enough, suddenly we saw dozens of people rush on to the field along the left field line and run into the San Diego Padres, the visitors team dug out, literally crawling over each other to get on to the field and get to what seemed to be a safer spot,” Friedell continued.

“We saw people in the second deck, ducking below the concrete in the front of their section. We saw people looking down from the pressbox — where my vantage point was looking toward the Washington Nationals dugout — running into the luxury seats area behind home plate and trying to get into the tunnel that leads into the lower part of the stadium where the catering, and that sort of thing takes place, that you can always see on the TV broadcast.”

WTOP’s technology manager Brian Oliger, who was also at the game, describes the chaos this way.

“What sounded like fireworks exploding behind our seats in Sec. 115, … [it was] followed by lots of panicked, scrambling fans and the players were immediately pulled off the field. No confirmation on exactly what’s going on at this time.”


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Jerzy Brick

The 500 block is 1 mile AWAY from Nationals Park. This wasn't an explosion, it was gunfire that occurred. And further, its nothing new. Just the fact that it occurred during a baseball game, again 1 mile away.

Todd Jones

Not surprisingly, there is a typo in the article. It was the 1500 block, just outside the 3rd base gate, not the 500 block. Proofreading anyone?

Jerzy Brick

Thanks for the clarification.

George Lawton

LOL…what a dump

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