Crownsville, Md. earthquake

A 2.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Crownsville, Md, near Annapolis around 10:07 p.m. on Aug. 8.

Here’s a new one. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a 2.2 magnitude earthquake in Crownsville, Md., at 10:07 p.m. Saturday.

The quake, in Anne Arundel County, was about 8 miles north west of Annapolis.

Virginia has become accustomed to minor aftershocks since the 5.8 magnitude Aug. 23, 2011 earthquake that struck in Mineral, leaving some damage in the D.C. area, including the Washington Monument, National Cathedral and the Lake Jackson dam in Manassas. Since then, there have been hundreds of aftershocks, the latest on June 27.

Earlier this year, the USGS announced it had located a new fault zone in the aftermath of the 2011 Virginia quake. The temblor marked the first time that a fault zone in the eastern United States produced a magnitude 5 or higher earthquake “clearly delineated by aftershocks,” according to the USGS report.

The newly-discovered fault lines have been named the “Quail” fault zone.

The USGS says earthquakes in the Washington-Baltimore corridor are relatively rare, occurring about once every decade.

“Since at least 1877 people in the urban corridor have felt small earthquakes,” the agency said on its website. “None are known to have caused damage since the arrival of European colonists.”


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Paul Miller

"The USGS says earthquakes in the Washington-Baltimore corridor are relatively rare, occurring about once every decade."

I suspect the reporter didn't understand what the USGS was saying with this one. Columbia, MD sits on a minor but active fault that often produces dozens of quakes each year. Most can't be felt, but usually a couple can be every year. Because of the geology of that specific area, this fault will never produce a 'big one,' at least that's what I've heard. Anyway, maybe USGS was saying that earthquakes above magnitude 5 are rare in the Washington-Baltimore corridor.

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