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The Space Force, working with the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, has selected 50 active-duty volunteers from those services to transfer into the Space Force starting this summer.

This initial group of soldiers, sailors and Marines will test the integration efforts established by the services to pave the way for a larger group of volunteers to transfer in fiscal year 2022.

The transfers are the latest in a series of collaborative efforts among the Space Force, Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps since the creation of the new service in December 2019. More than 3,700 officers and enlisted members from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps submitted transfer applications in March to compete for the opportunity.

“We are overwhelmed by the number of applicants, and the outpouring of support our sister services have provided as we’ve partnered together to design the Space Force,” said Gen. David D. Thompson, vice chief of space operations. “We are excited to have guardians from these services join more than 5,200 Air Force transfers, and look forward to the new experience, perspective and culture they will bring as we continue to build the Space Force.”

In addition to the 50 just selected as the initial group to “beta test” the transfer process, about 350 more will be selected for transfer this month; each will be matched to positions in specific Space Force specialties – space operations, intelligence, cyber, engineering and acquisition.

“The competition for selection has been tough. So many of the applicants are top performers with experiences and skill sets well-suited for the Space Force,” said Patricia Mulcahy, Space Force chief human capital officer. “With help from our sister services, we had the tough job of reviewing the applications to select the 50 candidates for this first transfer opportunity, and will use a similar process for the remainder.”

The inter-service transfer program is separate from a second effort to identify space missions and units from the other services to realign to the Space Force in fiscal years 2022 and 2023. Several hundred members currently assigned to those units will also be offered an opportunity to volunteer to transfer to the Space Force.


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Janet Smith

When will the water mains in my 73 year old suburb be replaced? I'm tired of boiling water for a week every year to fund Space Cadets traveling to Mars.

Jerzy Brick


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