Gas price photo $4 $3 gas prices

Gas dipped below $4 a gallon at Fast Fuels at Route 123 and Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge on July 21, 2022. The region's average is now below $4 a gallon.

Gas prices have been falling since late June and they reached a new low in Woodbridge on Thursday: $3.99 per gallon.

It's the first time since early spring that gas has been below $4. We spotted the low price at Fast Fuels at Route 123 and Old Bridge Road. 

Virginia set a new record for gas prices in March, with the average price per gallon reaching an all-time high of $4.10. By mid-June, the average price per gallon reached $5 across Northern Virginia. 

In Northern Virginia this week, the average price per gallon Thursday was $$4.215, down from $$4.390 a week ago and $4.806 a month ago, according to AAA data. A year ago, the average price per gallon was $2.974.

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(9) comments

Jimi Weaver

Man all you guys really should switch to decaf and give it a rest for a while

Fake Commenter

This is nothing to celebrate. Joe Biden and the democrat caused inflation have led to price hikes everywhere. Biden looked quite friendly with Mohammed bin Salman so maybe they'll send some more oil, as well wishes to Brandon's speedy recovery from cancer and covid.

John Dutko

You love to throw stones in your glass house.

Read what you wrote and think about the previous administration and how close they were with MBS and how Jared Kushner received $2 Billion from the Saudis.

Anyway, well-wishes to Trump and his whole legal ordeal from orchestrating the Jan 6th insurrection!

Paul Benedict

Thank goodness. The crisis is over!. Since Biden has brought back gas prices below $4/gallon, we no longer need to give teachers and county employees a pay raise. I hope Joe survives his cancer and Coronavirus. If only he had gotten a 3rd booster he wouldn't be dealing with this.

Duke Nukem

The president announced he has cancer and all you care about at insideNova is gas prices, the most recent mug shots and global warming. Come on staff if it happened to trump you would at least copy paste it from wtop.

Dick Grayson

That a wipe does not have cancer, even InsideNova know he is a doddering old liar. Gas under Trump was consistently below &2.50

George Lawton

That’s because the economy is ready to fall of a cliff. Remember when it was $0.95/gallon 2018 Front Royal/Winchester?

Duke Nukem

$0.95 is like $1.15 in Joe biden's, probably soon to be kamala's economy, so don't forget to factor that in. Who will she blame everything on?

John Dutko

Blame it on the lazy workers in the red states where the refineries are located. If only those bums got back to work and increased production, the price wouldn't be as high.

Or blame it on the the oil corporate execs that artificially raised the price to offset losses from the pandemic.

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