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Fairfax County police

A 24-year-old Springfield man died following a single-vehicle crash Saturday night near the intersection of New Braddock Road and Centreville Road.

Fairfax County detectives say Thomas Iribarren, 24, of Springfield, was traveling westbound on New Braddock Road in Centreville in his Toyota Corolla when he ran off the right side of the road striking a tree.

Iribarren was taken to a local hospital where he died, police said in a news release.

Speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the crash, police said.


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My family was coming home last night and happened to come upon this last night. We went by this morning to leave flowers in his honor. May this young man rest in peace.


We want to thank you for your kindness.....he was an amazing person. We are devastated.


We are so very sorry for your loss. As a mom and someone with four brothers, I cannot imagine your loss. Please know, there are a few us who passed the area and stayed close by but there was a special woman in our neighborhood that stayed there and went there immediately upon hearing. We will continue to honor his memory here in Centreridge.


We are so devastated by Tom's loss. We thank you and everyone who helped Tom. Would it be possible to know the name of the special woman? We would like to thank her in person.

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