The Stafford County Sheriff's Office arrested a babysitter last week after a nanny cam caught an assault on a 7-month-old infant.
On Sept. 14, Deputy R.T. Philippsen was called to an apartment in Stafford County after the baby's parents returned home and discovered a red mark on the side of the baby's face, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.
In an effort to discover what caused the injury, the parents reviewed nanny cam footage of their living room for that day.
During review of the video, the babysitter is seen approaching the playpen, the release said. The infant is on his stomach with his head raised and the babysitter pushes his head down into the floor of the playpen which caused the infant to begin crying. The babysitter briefly left the camera view, but returned and forcefully manipulated the infant’s head in an attempt to place a pacifier in his mouth, the sheriff's office said.
Detective C.L. Smith assisted Deputy Philippsen in the investigation and, after consultation with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, a warrant for assault and battery was obtained for the babysitter, the release said.
Lauren Siegel, 36, of Stafford, was arrested Sept. 19 and was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail, the release said.
The infant was checked by a pediatrician and no other injuries were discovered.


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Lawson is clueless

“Inside Commentator”- No Trump’s very fine people are the cops that arrested her and the parents that turned her in!

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I concur with you Lawson. Your response is spot on.

Henry Howell

I'm sure you met them and aren't making up fantasy scenarios on the internet.

Wayne D.

As we're sure you've met all of Trump's supporters? Nice fantasy world you live in there.


Fine people on both sides here, she definitely making America great again ! [thumbdown]

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

A+++ for Mom & Dad's insight! As for the sitter? There's a special place in Hell for those who bring harm to children.

Lynne June

She should not be allowed to babysit. Makes you wonder how she treated the infant, or other infants, prior to this.

Wayne D.

"She should not be allowed to babysit" That is just obvious.

Henry Howell

Trump's "very fine people".

Wayne D.

Was this comment necessary? I voted for Trump and I find the actions of this woman despicable as well as I find you despicable for your continued idiotic comments.

John Dutko

Yes, it was necessary. There is a "game" where people comment on the accused on the crime section and say they represent a certain political candidate. InsideCommenter is one of the few liberal/moderate voices on these messageboards, otherwise it becomes an echo-chamber. So appreciate a different viewpoint than your own as lively debate invigorates everyones critical thinking!


That poor baby. What a despicable piece of crap this woman is. I hope she receives just punishment before she hurts more children, animals etc.

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