A plea went out Friday night to the "Stafford Talk" Facebook page: A tiny kitten was stuck in a storm drain off Garrisonville Road. Could someone help save her?

By Saturday morning, a crowd of volunteers, along with Stafford County animal control and public works, gathered at the scene to help the fallen feline.

Meanwhile, on smartphones and behind computer screens, more than a few of the community group's 28,743 members waited anxiously to hear the outcome.

"So much positivity in our community. Great to see it when it all comes together like this. Watching," one group member wrote.

"Anyone have an update on the kitten from last night????" said another.

A few hours later came the news: "SHE’S OUT!!!!!!"

Volunteers tried a trap and some other efforts to get the kitten free. In the end, Stafford public works employees utilized a camera sent down the storm drain to help find and free the kitten.

The little black kitten, about six weeks old, is doing fine and appears healthy. She's currently in foster care until she's old enough for adoption.

So now Stafford Talk, all that's left to do is give that kitty a name!


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