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One person was killed, their passenger critically injured and a deputy also hurt after a police chase involving a stolen car ended in a crash on U.S. 1 near the Stafford County courthouse.

The incident began at 7:44 p.m. when deputies received a call about a robbery in south Stafford, sheriff's office Maj. Shawn Kimmitz said.

As deputies were taking a report for a stolen silver SUV, another deputy spotted the vehicle speeding northbound on U.S. 1 near the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

The deputy turned around and tried to stop the driver, but the vehicle accelerated into the Wayside and a pursuit ensued, Kimmitz said.

At one point, deputies attempted a PIT maneuver, a pursuit intervention technique to turn a fleeing vehicle sideways and force the driver to stop. Deputies ordered the driver out of the stolen SUV, but the driver instead accelerated toward a deputy, striking his vehicle and sending the deputy into the air, Kimmitz said.

The deputy was taken to the hospital and treated and released with minor injuries.

The deputy was able to fire several shots at the stolen vehicle, but it doesn't appear any struck the driver, Kimmitz said.

The driver then fled southbound in the northbound lanes of U.S. 1, traveling about half a mile before striking an oncoming car head on. The driver of that car was pronounced dead at the scene and a passenger in the vehicle suffered serious, life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the stolen SUV was then taken into custody and taken to the hospital with serious injuries, Kimmitz said.

The investigation continues.


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PWC resident since '69

Should have called a social worker


Very tragic for the innocent life lost. This will likely cause a review of the pursuit policy (if there is any)

Lynne June

Defunding the police? Tried that. Called the Wild West. Didn’t work.


See if we only defunded the police this would of never happened.

Paul Benedict

Who was this jerk who thinks no lives matter?

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