North Stafford High School

North Stafford High School

North Stafford High School's principal sent a note home to parents this week about a teen TikTok trend involving vandalism and theft at school.

Called "devious lick" or "diabolical lick," teenagers are stealing items like soap dispensers, signs, science lab equipment and boxes of disposable masks and bragging about it on social media.

North Stafford High School Principal Daniel Hornick sent a letter to parents Monday evening saying the school has seen an increase in vandalism and theft over the past few weeks.

"The vandalism has primarily occurred in student restrooms throughout the building and is causing considerable disruption and damage to school property," he wrote. "Meanwhile, teachers and students have informed administrators and school security about miscellaneous items that have unexpectedly disappeared. Unfortunately, this increase in vandalism and theft is directly related to a trending challenge on the social media platform TikTok."

Hornick requested parents talk to their children about appropriate behavior at school and warned of consequences for those caught participating.

He said all incidents of vandalism and theft will be reported to the school resource officer and students involved will also be subject to school discipline.

"Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to teaching and learning," Hornick wrote. "Together, we can guide our students to make good decisions and refrain from disrupting the school environment."

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John Dutko

These "challenges" are set-up in a way so a person can get hurt.

Box challenge leads to broken bones.

Tide Pod Challenge can lead to the sloughing of the esophagus.

The penny wall charger challenge is a fire hazard.

Kids are stupid and don't know how to filter information or examine things critically.

Jerzy Brick

Guess that's the cost of doing business when your country sells it self out to china.



Tik-tok, Gen. Milley will make the phone call before Trump does.


Duke Nukem

I imagine if Biden tried to ban Tiktok the media would praise him for it. It's about protecting the chiiiildren. Trump was ahead of his time. It really is amazing how Trump was able to get anything done with Obama/Biden insurrectionists in his administration. Now Biden is purging anyone left from the Trump admin and getting praised for that while Trump was close to being impeached early in his term for trying to clean out the insurrectionists. The Internet was memeing on WWIII in 2017 or 2018 and here we have China and Iran and the terrorists thriving while NATO is now a joke but all people care about now is the latest tiktok trend. Democrats sitting on the intel committee have Chinese spy staffers some of which they cheat on their wives with while other democrats had Chinese spies in their staff and there are no consequences...these congress people know the masses are too stupid to vote them out.

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