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Another regional school division is apologizing for failing to notify students of National Merit commendations.

"We are deeply saddened to learn yesterday that six of our students were not notified of their National Merit Scholar Commended Student status in a timely manner," the school division said in a Friday news release. "We sincerely apologize for the administrative error and the frustration this delay has caused these students and families."

Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William public schools have all come under fire in recent weeks after discovering students were not notified of the commendations.

Earlier this month, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares announced an investigation into Fairfax County Public Schools and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology over similar failures to notify commended students. Miyares said he was also investigating the school’s revised admission policies, claiming that both the admissions changes and the notification controversy may have been racially motivated. 

Since parents at Thomas Jefferson raised alarm over the failure to notify commended students in late December, seven other Fairfax schools, four high schools in Loudoun County and four Prince William County schools have admitted to doing the same

"This is very frustrating for us, and not indicative of the pride we feel in our students and the approach we take in celebrating their personal achievements," the Stafford news release said.

Each student and family has been notified and the school division is contacting each college to which the students applied to notify them of the applicant’s commended scholar status.

"We will also contact the National Merit Scholarship Program to discuss the notification process for students and principals," the release said.

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(10) comments

Farmall Super H

It's all meant to keep America stupid, so the drones keep voting Democrat. Equity means equal dumbness for all.

Casey Avatar

and blaming others for your own stupidity..

Tom Manson

Kids or parents could check score results at any time from the website. Anyone who cared could look them up.

Mary Bigmouth

I am the parent of one the kids whom did not get his merit award. If you are a fellow parent of MVHS whose child was also ripped off because of this travesty, please feel free to connect with me at

Jimmy John

Wow. Travesty. So your kid isn’t getting into a good school now? Why can’t the merit award officials notify directly? Why does there have to be something else heaped in our schools which never receive any credit for or assistance with anything, just accusations and outrage.

Mary Bigmouth

Incompetence is no excuse.

Harry Morant

The schools seemed to handle the timely notifications of students with no issues before they became "woke". They are pushing their BS equity agenda, and normal, achieving children are their targets. They want ALL students to be disadvantaged, so the stupid children don't "feel" sad, but they will still be stupid.

Potato Head

Congratulations to your student for scoring highly on a national standardized test in his/her junior year of high school. But not being recognized by the high school is hardly a travesty.

Mary Bigmouth

They are all seniors. I’m so sorry you have. I idea what you are talking about.

John Dutko

I am a Nigerian prince who has access to $400 million, however, I need you to contact me so I can get your information and shake you down after using open source information gleaned from your details as well as your family.

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