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Although plans to replace Virginia school districts’ diesel buses with electric ones have foundered in the General Assembly, the state is moving forward with bus electrification plans using money from Volkswagen’s so-called “Dieselgate” scandal. 

Last week, Gov. Ralph Northam’s office announced it would make $20 million of the state’s Volkswagen settlement funds available for school districts to electrify their bus fleets. 

“We have an existing pot of money we’re working to get out the door as soon as possible, and a school bus program is a perfect fit,” said Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Deputy Director Chris Bast. Furthermore, he added, the funding “provides an opportunity that is no-strings-attached that is different than a lot of the other funding opportunities out there for school buses.”

Virginia received $93.6 million through a settlement between Volkswagen and the federal government over allegations that the company installed devices in vehicles between 2009 and 2016 to cheat emissions tests in order to evade Clean Air Act emissions limits.

Virginia DEQ, which is responsible for administering the settlement funds, has so far earmarked $82 million for transportation electrification projects. 

Northam pledged to put $20 million of those funds toward electric school buses in 2019. That amount is expected to cover the extra costs of replacing about 75 diesel buses with electric ones.  

Electrifying school bus fleets “is another important part of our comprehensive approach to reducing climate pollution,” said DEQ Director David Paylor in a statement.

Transportation emissions are responsible for almost half of Virginia’s greenhouse gas emissions, one of the primary drivers of climate change. 

According to data provided by the governor’s office, approximately 99 percent of Virginia’s public school buses use diesel. 

Many are also aging. Per the Virginia Department of Education’s 2019-2020 inventory, nearly 5,000 of the commonwealth’s almost 17,000 diesel school buses are model year 2006 or older. 

In rolling out the Volkswagen funding, “there will be priority given to the oldest diesel buses out there,” DEQ air quality planner Angela Conroy said during a Monday presentation on the program. 

The $20 million will be disbursed in rounds, with $9.25 million now available for districts to replace diesel buses with electric ones and $750,000 allotted for propane-powered buses. 

The state will cover the price difference between an electric or propane bus and an equivalent diesel bus, with the districts paying what they would otherwise have paid for a diesel replacement. 

During the 2020 and 2021 General Assembly sessions, proposals to establish Dominion Energy-led programs that could have put as many as 1,200 electric school buses on Virginia roads failed despite extensive behind-the-scenes efforts by top Democrats. Among other arguments, opponents objected to utility ratepayers funding electric school bus conversions.


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Duke Nukem

This is great I hate the smell these diesel buses spew out. I much prefer the coal being burned far away for these to operate. A good step to improve air quality. I just hope VW isn't still lying about the mileage their vehicles get. Although it could lead to another big payout in the future.

Lance Livestrong

Oh yeah that smell, boy. You know, imagine if people focused more on their own tax-dollars being used to block the Sun's UV rays from penetrating the atmosphere to "cool" the planet under the "Geo-engineering" platform by spraying nanonized aluminum all over the place for 40+ years. You can see it in broad daylight, but ya cant smell it! And if you're lucky you'll inhale a nice daily dose of it so one day you too can have neurodegenerative disease and cancer. But dont worry, there will be a nice hospital close by for you to travel to to be raked over the real "coals" for the rest of your life. Yep, and these hospitals are Smart hospitals too! The doctors and the technological equipment there and their cutting edge therapies will completely destroy you, but hey at least you made out and don't have to worry about going outside of your home any more. Here's a free subscription of netflix to cheer ya up.

Cant wait to sign up my kid to ride the electromagnetic field brain penetrating magic school bus! By the time he gets to school, he wont even have to think for himself! But that big bad diesel bus with its carbon hoof print. Better put your mask on!

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