The Virginia Water Control Board on Thursday approved Dominion Virginia's Power's request to drain treated coal-ash water into Quantico Creek.

The board approved the permit in a 6-1 vote. The utility can now begin draining about 200 million gallons of treated water into the creek near the Possum Point power plant, which flows into the Potomac River.

The move comes after the Prince William Board of Supervisors asked for more time for public input and study on the proposal. Board members have indicated they may file suit to stop the process.

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Harry Wiggins

No surprise, with Mayor Foreman and Delegate Lingamfelter speaking as apologists for Dominion's plan to dump thousands of tons of toxic waste in to Quanitco Creek, the BOCS should join with the Southern Environmental Law Center and seek to enjoin Dominion from turning Dumfries in to a Love Canal. Lingamfelter, who chairs the Chesapeake Bay Commission, which should have violently opposed this further degradation of the Bay, did everything but award Dominion "Environmentalist of the Year" should step down from his position. I'm sure his actions weren't swayed by the $30,000 that Dominion contributed to his campaign.


When will the State have the balls to stand up to the cash dumped at elected officials by Dominion....hold their feet to the fire of being a good citizen and not some strong arm company...this is terrible and will come back around!


It could be worse, we could be Flint, MI or have Rex Energy trying to frack next to our schools. And the water is 'treated' so I am sure those 6 who voted for approval wouldn't mind if that water somehow found it's way to their home water source.


Virginia has approved a plan by Dominion Power to dump 200 million gallons of largely untreated coal ash wastewater into Quantico Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River and home to a thriving population of bald eagles and other wildlife. We need numbers to make a difference. Please sign and share our petition on, asking Governor McAuliffe to intervene in this issue.

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