A 17-year-old Woodbridge teen was arrested early Sunday after troopers broke up an apparent drag race on Interstate 495, leading to a pursuit.

The incident began about 12:05 a.m. when a trooper saw a group of vehicles traveling west on I-495 at Exit 176 for Telegraph Road in Fairfax County. The vehicles slowed to about 20 mph and began lining up as if preparing to drag race, said state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller.

As the trooper pulled in behind the vehicles, three sped off at a high rate of speed, she said. When the trooper activated his lights and sirens, the vehicles refused to stop and a pursuit was initiated.

One of the vehicles, a Subaru, continued to I-495 north reaching speeds of more than 130 mph. The Subaru exited I-495 at Exit 54 for Braddock Road and headed east, running several red lights. The vehicle continued onto Backlick Road, did a U-turn in a parking lot and then struck a 2019 Toyota SUV near the intersection of Highland Street, Geller said.

At that point, two troopers purposely made contact with the pursuit vehicle in order to bring it to a stop. The suspect vehicle struck a brick column and came to a stop, Geller said.

The driver of the Subaru, a 17-year-old boy from Woodbridge, was taken into custody without further incident, Geller said. He was taken to Springfield Health for treatment of minor injuries. Three adult passengers were not injured.

The driver of the Toyota SUV that was struck was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The juvenile pursuit driver was charged with drag racing, driving without a license, one felony count of eluding police, and one felony count of hit and run, Geller said. The incident remains under investigation.


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Happy to see VA State Troopers working this issue. Let's get some PWC police enforcement going on the PW Parkway between Liberia and Woodbridge, particularly late evening.


I guess the other two speeding vehicles got away. The Suburu must be the slowest. Don't buy a Suburu if you plan on using your vehicle to elude police. I'm guessing the culprit's adult passengers were 18 years old, and as mature adults they should have stopped the 17-year old child from breaking the law.


I wonder why the troopers gave chase and didn’t just take down the plates? They put all these lives in danger all to pull over a 17 y/o kid with no license? This is just another reason why we need better police training.


suppose the cops did that, and these kids drove off thinking they were in the clear, only to start racing again and possibly kill an innocent driver, what would your thought be then, that the police should have pulled them over on the spot


If the police took down the plate and investigated the matter, they would know where he lives and go straight to his house. By pursuing in a high speed chase, they put their lives, the kids’ lives, and the community at risk....and what for? It’s not like they robbed a bank. They were being stopped for drag racing for crying out loud. Over policing leads to more death and destruction.


oh, so your saying that by drag racing, the kids arent putting their lives or any other lives at risk, only when the police are involved is there a risk of injury or death, got it, thanks for clearing that up


The kids slowed down to 20mph before supposedly drag racing their parents’ Subaru. I don’t think they would be hitting 130+ down the highway for any appreciable amount of time if the trooper wasn’t engaged in pursuit. So to answer your question, yes, when the police start pursing kids involved in what is otherwise a traffic violation, people can get seriously hurt or killed.


They are all Biden supports according to the unnamed sources from the Waspost.They were just kids


Slowing down to 20 mph, it the street racing world, is called a “rolling start”... the participants will slow down & get lined up evenly, then take off... and you’d be surprised what some of the Subaru's can do off the showroom floor.


Glad this happened, but really nothing compared to Dale Blvd, by Lindendale, to include Lindendale in Dale City EVERY night !

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