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A 61-year-old man faces a simple assault charge after he was captured on video forcefully breathing on protesters outside President Donald Trump's golf course in Sterling.

The incident happened Saturday at the Trump National Golf Club on Lowes Island Boulevard.  Kathy Beynette told News4 that she and another woman were protesting President Trump outside the club while across the street, a group of Trump supporters were counter protesting.

"Then, quite out of nowhere, the guy came over from across the street, came charging across the street,” Beynette said.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said in a statement "the incident was not witnessed by law enforcement and the video did not capture the entire interaction." Deputies conducted an investigation on scene and both parties were advised they could go to a Loudoun County Magistrate and seek a citizen obtained warrant.

The LCSO is aware of a video circulating on social media after an incident near Trump National Golf Club. On November...

Posted by Loudoun County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, November 22, 2020

On Sunday afternoon, deputies served a warrant obtained by a citizen through a magistrate, the statement said. Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, was charged with misdemeanor simple assault and released on a summons, the sheriff's office said.

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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I was responding with something completely different. But I decided to erase it after watching the video on Twitter. My after video thought? These 2 complainants epitomize why there is such disdain for leftist females. You will either get what I mean or you won't.

Just a side note. As a lady, I can assure you of this. There's absolutely nothing about these 2 females that warrants referring to them as ladies. Their behavior & beliefs will ever keep them from earning it.


Notice how all the other conservatives called this guy out rightfully, while you excuse his bad behavior because he happens to support the same President as you. I condemn bad behavior and bad acts by my side, yet I don't see the same. It's always the far left antifa types and the far right crazy MAGA types that do this sort of thing.

Toby Beaman

They both behaved like children - both sides of this altercation. I get that this guy behaved like an idiot. However...

Breathing = Assault

Threatening personal violence to a sitting senator (Rand Paul) when departing the White House = No problem

Attacks on Trump supporters after the so-called Million MAGA March = Nothing to see here

Pathetic. See a problem here?


Who breathes like that?

In this instance, forcibly exhaling in a persons direction during a pandemic where viral transmission is airborne with the intent to harm or intimidate would be assault.

Your other examples could be countered with examples like the president calling for violence; Kyle Rittenhouse being given water and protection after shooting people; bringing weapons to a discussion; Republican lawmakers dividing Americans based on their race, creed, et cetera.

But I do agree in that there is an accountability problem in the eyes of the law. Applicability of relevant laws are not being enforced across the board. And, while it is up to the prosecutor to follow through, officers at the base level either are overzealous with their duties or let people go scott-free. And usually, race or demonstrative political beliefs have played a part in the determination.


Trump's very fine people.

Colonel Trautman

Sad that this is what our society is turning into...


They should castrate that s.o.b.



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