A Lake Ridge Middle School teacher was injured Tuesday taking a knife away from a 12-year-old girl who held it to another girl's throat in class.

The school resource officer was called just before 9:30 a.m. for a student who assaulted another student with a knife while on school property, Prince William County police Master Officer Renee Carr said.

Police say two 12-year-old girls made arrangements to bring a knife to school that day. The student brought the knife and gave it to the other girl, who then then entered a classroom, brandished the knife and held to another 12-year-old girl's neck.

The teacher quickly intervened and was eventually able to take possession of the knife but suffered multiple cuts to his hands, Carr said.

Staff detained the student who had the knife and contacted the school resource officers. The victim reported minor injuries.

Police charged the girl in the classroom attack with aggravated malicious wounding, malicious wounding and possession of a weapon on school grounds, Carr said. She was held at the Prince William Juvenile Detention Center.

The girl who brought the knife was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds and also held at the juvenile detention center.

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Fix Prince William

Said it before and will say it again. If the girl who had a knife to her neck had a gun, problem solved. Arm the kids and we don’t have to worry about this garbage anymore. I know my REAL 2A defenders will back me on this!

Dick Grayson

You don't even own a weapon, nor have you stolen one. You are just an a hole trying to make 2A folks look idiotic but your use of 1A make you look like a clown

John Dutko

Ok. Police your politicians then.

"Failed Republican candidate and rightwing pundit Deanna Lorraine – who has a history of extreme anti-LGBTQ statements – argued that elementary schoolchildren should be armed so that they can fight school shooters.

“Arm our children!” she told her guest Matt Couch on her Shots Fired! podcast. “Have them learn how to protect themselves. That’s what’s gonna stop shooters. That’s what’s gonna stop threats. Not just going to school wearing a bulletproof vest, OK?”

Lorraine was discussing an ad from the group Mothers Against Greg Abbott, a progressive organization in Texas trying to stop Gov. Greg Abbott (R) from getting reelected. In the ad, a child is shown wearing body armor and a helmet holding up a chalkboard that says “First day of school.”

The ad is making a statement about school shootings and Abbott’s lack of action on the issue.

Lorraine wasn’t having it, accusing the group of trying to “pull on people’s heartstrings” by bringing up mass shootings in elementary schools.

“Sorry, but I wanna teach my son how to handle a gun,” Lorraine said. “I wanna teach my son how to intelligently use guns and operate them because there is gonna be a threat some day and they’re going to be in danger some day. And I want them to be able to protect themselves, not have to just wear bulletproof vests and a hat.”

“No, I want them to be able to defend themselves against real threats and kick some ass out there and maybe intervene when a school shooter comes and shoots their asses.”

“I don’t want them to go to school defenseless.”

Some people on Twitter mocked her suggestion that sending kids to school armed would lead to fewer deaths.


Did you know about these ideas moving up in Conservative circles or are just ignoring it?

Dick Grayson

Nobody read the garbage you spout! After 37 words the post is meaningless…important in your own mind only

Brad London

Liberal policies and poor parenting matter. Pretty sure both apply here as the reason this occurred. We need to do away with teachers unions / associations.

John Dutko

YES! Embrace the religious teachings that Republicans want to force on people.

I cant fuggin wait to get into a god war with some stupid heathen who thinks they are more holy than I am. Protestants can go to hell.

Paul Benedict

Gosh, you seem angry. Protestants can go to hell? What is wrong with you? What religious teachings are bothering you?

John Dutko

Protestants are heretics and have turned their backs against the official teachings of God from the Roman Catholic Church.

Not all Christians are the same.

John Dutko Re-Incarnated

If you care about your children you wouldn't let them go to school with these savages. This is the Chicago way though right? Diversity hires equal failure. Look at NASA, can't even get off the ground anymore.

John Dutko

Save yourself some time and shoot your kids. Let's admit defeat and embrace nihilism since idiots block any move toward progress.

John Dutko Re-Incarnated

Rage posting on a comment section isn’t good for your health. You seem to be just one comment away from going over the “edge.”

John Dutko

Not at all. A lot of my comments are designed to foster thought, quiets contemplation, and outrage. I will often swing the pendulum to the extreme left or right depending on the conversation and see if anyone takes the bait, which a bunch of you do.

The funny thing is, I get the bulk of my crazy thoughts (like the one you responded to) from alt-right forums. I mean, y'all are a buncha weirdos who have this pent-up aggression and are easily manipulated, often echoing the same talking points from more fringe sites.

I just wish everybody would calm the hell down and become normal, functioning members of society and that don't fly off the handle when they hear trigger words.

Fake Commenter

Guns/knifes aren't a problem. It's liberalism and the democrat mentality that detach responsibility from one's actions. Those poor children should have better role models.

John Dutko

Alright, I'll bite.

Explain your position. Then explain how Conservatives have been held accountable in the past 5 years for their actions.

Harry Morant

Another glowing suckcess story for our liberal controlled Education system!!

John Dutko

Every school shooting is a Republican failure.

You can't "thoughts and prayers" the gun problem away.

Cornelius Papadoupolos

You know John, you are a very unserious person. You respond to everything the same way. You would respond to a weather report with, "Republicans policies keep making it rain..." Please contribute something with substance at least once in a while, or just step away from the keyboard and give us all a break from your nonsense.

John Dutko


John Dutko Re-Incarnated

I'm surprised you didn't blame Donald Trump for this? You have possibly the worst case of DTS I've seen to date.

John Dutko

Is that Hunter Biden's laptop?!

Dick Grayson

Restorative justice will dave the day! Hugs for all, no consequences coming, the piece of garbage will be back in 10 days

Tom Manson

A middle school kid isn't a piece of garbage. She hasn't formed an adult brain yet, much like frequent posters here. One would hope she can be reformed after expulsion. Otherwise she becomes another non productive member of society. I don't know why she pulled this knife, maybe the same reason so many carry guns - she might have been scared of a bully, or might be the bully herself. This could have ended better or worse for all involved. I hope she and the victims get the help they need.

Dick Grayson

Trash is that better!

John Dutko

See, back in MY day (I feel old now), if you had beef with another person, you would arrange for a dust-up after school, at the park, whatever. You would bring your group and they would bring theirs to mediate a fair fight. And you would duke it out and call it a day. That was that. First to tap out/bleed/whatever conditions were set. No weapons.

Now you just get shanked or shot.

Mike Hunt

And we have your scummy liberal colleagues to thank for this. Notice location and ethnicities were left out. Hmmmmmmmm….

Tom Manson

Possibly to keep you garbage race baiters at bay.

Duke Nukem

Race baiters? You must be talking about the Fbi. “The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

Dick Grayson

Since they are listed as girls we at least know they are not “6 percenters”!

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