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Kusi-Johnson, Edward

An 18-year-old Dale City teen has been charged with murder in the Monday night shooting death of a Woodbridge man during what police said was a marijuana deal.

Police say the victim, 19-year-old Devonte Lee Ivy arranged to meet an acquaintance for a marijuana transaction in the 16000 block of Porters Inn Drive in southeast Prince William County.

Once at the location, the parties engaged in a verbal altercation that escalated. During the encounter, multiple shots were fired which resulted in the victim being fatally struck, said Prince William police spokeswoman Renee Carr.

The accused fled the area and police were contacted by several residents in the community who heard the gun shots.

The next day, on Tuesday, Sept. 17, detectives identified a suspect and arrested him at his home in Dale City.

Edward Kusi-Johnson, 18, of the 14800 block of Danville Road, is being held without bond on charges of murder and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

He has a Nov. 15 court date.


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This case screams for the death penalty, it would be great example to our local youth as to what will happen to you if you decide to commit cold blooded murder over something as stupid as a little bit of marijuana. I blame the music industry and all the ridiculous hateful lyrics they have out there now.




Oh my god I turned into a boomer just by reading this comment.


If it were legal in VA this would not have happened


The death penalty should never be given to a child. Marijuana should be legalized. Especially in a state where the govenor wears KKK outfits the vice governor is a rapist, and the attoney general wears black face.


lethal injection on nov 15 help the taxpayers for once

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