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Courtesy National Museum of American History

The coronavirus pandemic and related quarantine, nationwide protests for racial justice and the economic crisis were all major events that happened in 2020.

Now, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History wants to know what last year meant to you.

The museum is collecting first person accounts of last year for Stories of 2020. “We’re assembling a digital time capsule filled with messages to future generations about life today, and want to hear your story, big or small,” the museum said.

The museum tweeted that it wants an “inclusive portrait” of 2020, but it can’t make that happen without “your story.”

The museum suggested questions on its website aimed at sparking ideas for submissions. Some of the examples are:

  • How did you experience protests in your town?
  • How was your daily life changed by the pandemic?
  • What does the “new normal” at work look like?

The online submission form allows participants who are at least 18 years old to submit up to five photos, plus a video.

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My 2020 story was I went to work five days a week as usual while enjoying light traffic.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

I made a mad dash from Ind. to Rep. After our constitutional republic succumbed to power hungry Dem’s & Socialists, there wasn’t much of a choice. The entire takeover has left me wondering. If we knew this would happen, would we have come to America? No, not at all.

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