Tim's Rivershore Restaurant and Crab House

The owner of Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant and Crab House has filed court action against his landlords at Potomac Shores to extend his lease based on a 2013 provision in the paperwork.

Owner Tim Bauckman’s attorney Milton C. Johns filed the complaint Wednesday in Prince William County Circuit Court.

For 28 years, Tim's has been an institution along the Potomac River between Woodbridge and Dumfries, but Bauckman was notified last month by the property manager for the Potomac Shores development they were not renewing his lease.

The complaint for “entry of declaratory judgement” details Bauckman’s lease of the property at the end of the Cherry Hill peninsula back to 2010. It points to a 2013 lease provision with landlord CHR Properties of Delaware allowing Bauckman to twice extend his lease for one year.

In February, Bauckman notified CHR that he was exercising his option to extend the lease for two years, the complaint states. But CHR had already sent a notice of default on the rent and a notice to vacate. 

“Rivershore was not in default at the time of the February 19, 2021 letter from counsel for CHR,” the complaint states. “Rivershore has properly executed its option to extend the lease by two years.”

The complaint asks the court to enforce the lease extensions and “that the Lease otherwise continues in full force and effect; and for any such other and further relief as the Court should deem just.”

Bauckman deferred comment on the legal complaint to Johns, but told InsideNoVa, “we’re going to try to do everything possible to stay.”

Johns could not immediately be reached for comment.

Thousands have taken up the cause of saving Tim's, with a “Save Tim’s Rivershore!” Facebook page and a Change.org petition. His supporters took their case to the Board of County Supervisors meeting Tuesday night and have bombarded property manager Biddle Real Estate Ventures with letters and calls.

Biddle has said they chose not to renew Bauckman’s lease after attempts to work with him to repair the property and complaints from the public.


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Tricia B

I don't know the developers, but Tim's is my favorite place to go to in the whole DC area. I think they are making a HUGE mistake to revoke the lease. This place is so cool because of its owner, its history, its community, the party atmosphere, and obviously the location. This is not something you can manufacture or replace. It is unique and incredibly special. We all beg the developers to rethink this. It is mind-boggling to me that this is happening, but my guess is that they truly do not understand what they have. It is against common sense, business sense and moral sense to allow this to happen over some misunderstanding. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, as our grandparents would say. Mend the rift! The pandemic is almost over and this is really, really important to us all. Please rethink it!!!


I love Tim's. The owners are down to earth amazing people. I worked at Tim's for many seasons. It's hard labor but well worth it. A relaxing family friendly environment down on the river with live music every weekend. Bonfires, movie nights, and any event you want they make it happen. They have done such great work with the community and charity. We make the extra drive to the Dumfries location now and it's well worth it.

Joe hoffmaster

I totally agree Tim and I go way back and I probably go to his restaurant 12 times a year generally during the week for lunch by boat

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