"Not on the Fourth" fireworks at Tim's Rivershore

Tim's Rivershore Restaurant and Crab House will host its last ever fireworks show this Saturday, Sept. 18, starting at dark.

After 28 years, the popular restaurant on the Potomac River outside Dumfries is closing to customers for good on Sept. 26. The fireworks show this weekend will light up over the river one last time.

The restaurant closing comes under an agreement ending a dispute between the popular Prince William County venue and its landlord. 

Property management company CHR Properties LLC of Delaware will be granted possession of the restaurant at 1510 Cherry Hill Road outside Dumfries, under terms of an agreement approved a Prince William County Circuit Court judge back in May. 

According to the agreement, restaurant owner Tim Bauckman will vacate the property no later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 30. 

The agreement comes after a legal battle in which Bauckman filed a complaint in the circuit court to extend his lease after he was notified in February that it would not be renewed.

In response, CHR Properties filed a counterclaim demanding more than $491,000 in unpaid rent, accumulated late fees and damages caused to the property at the end of Cherry Hill Road.

But instead of a drawn-out trial, both parties agreed to let Bauckman wrap things up this summer, and everyone moves on. 

Bauckman owns three other Tim's restaurants, one at Lake Anna in Mineral, one in Fairview Beach in King George County and the other at Coles Point in Hague.

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