Aerial Warrenton Training Center B

A top-secret and secure federal government facility just northwest of Warrenton admitted this week it may be responsible for crippling dozens of garage door openers in two nearby subdivisions, FauquierNow.com's Don Del Ross writes.

More than 70 Olde Gold Cup and Silver Cup Estates homeowners have reported that openers started to fail about two weeks ago, according to Betty Compton, Olde Gold Cup’s Neighborhood Watch group coordinator.

Warrenton Training Center B, a classified federal facility, issued a statement this week saying its radios may be to blame.

Del Rosso had to drive the training center's visitor center to get the statement from a public affairs representative who refused to give his last name. Del Rosso also met the center's "commander," who refused to comment and drove off with the public affairs representative in a black SUV.


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...and they drove away in a black SUV. So important mystery men...


This topic is years in the making and has been well publicized around military bases across the country. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/military-jams-garage-doors-openers/


The Warrenton Training Center is not classified top secret or secure. Like most National Defense and/or National Security installations it is restricted access with varying levels of security clearances in effect.

Brad London

Exactly. Just another example of poor journalism which is rampant today.

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