The Redskins brand is being severely tested on all fronts these days. Here helmets adorn the field prior to Washington's game against the visiting New England Patriots on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.

(UPDATED Sunday, July 12)

Nearly 22,000 votes have been received since Thursday afternoon in InsideNoVa's poll about a new name for the Washington Redskins, and Warriors and Red Wolves have emerged as the leading contenders, with Redtails not far behind.

As of 11 a.m. on Sunday, Warriors had over 6,800 votes, or about 31%, followed by Red Wolves with over 5,700 votes, or about 26%.  Redtails had over 4,100 votes, or about 19%.  The percentages were largely unchanged over the previous 24 hours. 

None of the other names that have been mentioned for the Ashburn-based team has received more than 8% of the vote. 

According to one report, the name change could be announced as soon as the next day or two. 

Vote for your favorite and see the latest results below:

What should the new name of the Washington Football Team be?

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Washington Kneelers. We bow down to social media![scared][crying]


Washington Powhatans. Afterall the Powhatan tribe, according to the journal of Captain John Smith, were the ones that taught him their language and the general name by which they and all tribes referred to themselves, REDSKINS. There was a ceremonial event which occured after one passed the rigorous test to became a brave indian (a word that is derogatory to both natives and peoples of India, because Christopher Columbus was not in India and erroneously referred to them as such). Those that served in the military or community (like police) are referred to as veterans, that is not derogatory; but give the left some time and they will certainly come up with an excuse to media enhance negativity in a convincing manner. My father worked with the real Oneida tribe in Wisconsin and their historian, which indicated a heart felt sense of pride and compassion towards the name Redskin and the respectful representation by the football club in Washington; as likewise all tribes do as well. We have taken too much from our native brothers and sisters, do not take away the last prideful thing. I myself am part Blackfoot, Crow, Cherokee and Powhatan; and have loved the Redskins all my life.

Allen Muchnick

The Washington Filibusters. We block everything.


Hey, let's go up there and give those Redtails a spankin'!

E Brownsen

I instead of Washington Warriors, how about Washington SJWs? I think that's more appropriate. Or Washington Virtue Signalers or even Washington Snowflakes. What do you think?


How about the Washington Americans, cause we are Americans and Washington is the capitol.

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