Oconnor Pitek

Idris O'Connor, left, and Kara Pitek have both announced campaigns for the House of Delegates 31st District.

Two Prince William County Democrats have announced plans to run for state Del. Elizabeth Guzman's 31st District House of Delegates seat next year.

Guzman, also a Democrat, is running for lieutenant governor.

Kara Pitek, magisterial district chair for the Potomac Democrats and an active community volunteer, said she decided to take her work "next level" and run for office.

Pitek lives in Prince William County with her husband and two sons, ages 2 and 3. She works for a small business providing project management and federal procurement expertise.

In the community, Pitek has served as a representative on the Prince William County Housing Board and community outreach director for NOVA Family First.

“From a young age my parents instilled in us a love for and commitment to our neighbors and our community," Pitek said in a statement. "We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but I never noticed. We were raised to give back where and when we could."

Idris O’Connor, a Dale City native and president of the Prince William Young Democrats, said he's running for the 31st District seat to "bring equity into our education system, expand healthcare access, and advocate for affordable housing."

"Our middle and working-class residents shouldn’t have to struggle to pay for housing and worry about healthcare costs," he said in a statement. "People should be able to live and work in the same community, and for a lot of people, that’s just not possible in Virginia today.”

O’Connor currently represents the Neabsco District on the Prince William County Social Service Advisory Board and is the chairperson of the Cooperative Council of Ministries (CCoM). CCoM is a coalition of churches in the Prince William Area that serves people experiencing poverty and homelessness. O'Connor is a graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.


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These two idiots are a product of the current culture in the US. They all the sound the same, offer some BS platitude of SJW messaging geared specifically for the dumbed down idiot masses. What a sad state of affairs, the US is certainly a secular and decadent, declining society, I regretfully admit.

derek sangster

To my online friends that I argue with periodically; Have a safe and happy New Year's and let's agree to disagree as usual. Please stay safe!

Paul Benedict

I think "providing project management and federal procurement expertise" is fake work. Pitek just knows the right people to get in on the gravy train.

And obviously, O'Connor the Irish guy, missed class in Economics on the day they discussed the concept of supply and demand.

Fortunately, I don't live in the 31st District. But if I did, and was forced to vote for one of the two at gunpoint, I'd vote for O'Connor because he seems like a more decent (if not clueless) guy.

Lynne June

Agreed. You’re absolutely right about the procurement piece. I would not vote for someone like Pitek; lobbying might be right down her alley. Of the two, O’Connor would be my choice.


Is there some unwritten rule now a days that says only dumb incompetent people can represent us from now on? It’s this never ending line of unemployable losers who can only spout off some lame social justice nonsense, but has absolutely zero experience dealing with the law? Non of these candidates have even close enough education or intelligence to read the bills that are being submitted. Not to mention ever be expected to write one! They will go down to Richmond get laughed at and then told who and what to vote for with zero knowledge as to what they are doing. It’s sad and pathetic.

derek sangster

Fake, Why don't you and Soily Pants run for office? You folks are negative towards anyone who is not a Republican. You seem to have the answers so run for office or shut the hell up! Your party has ruined everything.

Lance Livestrong

"You seem to have the answers so run for office or shut the hell up!"

Lol, I mean your never wrong when you say Why dont you run for office? That i can certainly agree with. however Derek, Im not so sure the GOP has "ruined" everything, just curious as what "everything" pertains to in your view. Im more than comfortable stating both sides have taken advantage of average Americans for decades. Washington is incestuous and will remain that way unless you know, I dont knwo your view on the PW sheriff guy, I didnt see any calls for killing anyone, i saw calls for holding people accountable. Again, if he made specific threats to harm thats one thing, no doubt. What he was stating about addresses and going to homes, I mean people have protested outside of the home of Gov. Cuomo, they dont wanted to be treated like second class citizens. Can you blame them? They pay taxes and are treated as inferiors. This is not a left or right sided issue at all. The PW sheriff guy isnt allowed to utilize his 1st amendment right? Hes a deputy sheriff, the whole idea of the sheriffs department is to stand by the law and uphold the constitution, the supreme law of the land, which if is broken in any way, shape, or form is a felony.

Hence why Washington is full of tyrannical chumps, all to make a buck at the expense of you and I! Everyone loves to throw around that damn word "Democracy, Democracy, Democracy" its a power hungry majority-rule world. People in power hate a Republic, its much more difficult for them to get their sickness into the books. The bottom line when trump has said countless times, "these people hate our country and want to change it," hes not wrong. Hes not wrong, Trump took on China. Of course if the sellouts have benefited from this for decades they are going to do everything in their power to reverse his actions. The majority of the media is a special interest group. Its the independent journalists and independent outlets that work diligently for truth. They dont show up to work everyday in makeup on a T.V, set and sell books. Independent journalism is where is at, or non-corporate media outlets. No matter where they lean, its going to vary. So let the individual educate himself of being told what they should believe and how they should act. The big media are professional cons more than anything.

Ideally, its good to start with some common ground, and hold each other accountable at the local level and interact with all sides. At the end of the day, we can all win if we realize that the federal government is not there for Americans best interests. We needed 3 branches of government to protect the people, but after a faulty election, its either going to get much worse or the whole thing is just going to collapse. All the appointments to Joe Bidens cabinet have either been there already or again want to "fundamentally" change America. But the systems been infiltrated for decades, and you can review Sidney Powell's 230 page report of a fraudulent election. Its just not that difficult to comprehend, its just the media thinks they own us. And unforgettably, they kind of do. They know how to take advantage of peoples minds on a mass scale.

Sic Semper Tyrannis...

Lynne June

Our opinions are formed by our parents, the news outlets we visit, our social circle, our experiences, etc. What specifically has the GOP ruined? Do you mean slavery, the vetoing of every Civil Rights Act until Kennedy/Johnson, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, internment of innocent Japanese citizens, the district attorney who dropped the case against Derek Chauvin several years ago, the chaos and poverty in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, etc., the LBJ welfare laws that have decimated Black communities, the separation of children from parents at the Mexican border? The list is extensive. Oh wait. That would be the Democratic Party.

Lance Livestrong

"The vetoing of every Civil Rights Act"...

Freedom of Association sir/madam. One should be free to accept that people associate in ways you may find offensive. People have the right to discriminate on any base they want so long as they are not using the government. Discrimination is an act of choice.

But people cant handle that, or at least they're told they cant.


Henry Howell

The GOP died on June 2nd 1964.

When they nominated Barry Goldwater to be President. He ran on repealing the Civil Rights Act and prospective Voting Rights Act, and won in what were normally Democratic states, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Noticing a trend here? This began the Southern Strategy.

Goldwater's protege Ronald Reagan is the one who decimated black communities with his war on drugs, trickle down economics, closing down mental hospitals, gutting welfare and embracing the SICK and DEMENTED ideology known as "Conservatism".

John Dutko

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

The Republican party of today is a shell of its former self. It is now the party of Trump. The GOP lost the high ground.

John Dutko

Great... You triggered the manifesto writers. Now we get to hear all about socialist marxist [insert buzzword] illuminati, funded by “oligarchs” and a cabal of shaman puppet-masters.

Colonel Trautman

Why do we never see articles written about Republican candidates?

Hospice Nurse Jill Biden

I don't think any exist for this seat yet. I mean to survive a war, you gotta become war, but the weak Republican party of VA has no fight left. They get on their knees every election and say "Sir, do we get to win this time?". When the Democrat rulers ask them "who are you?" The response should be "Your worst nightmare!" But I digress, I want...what they want, and every other guy who came over here, and spilt his guts and gave everything he had wants; For our country to love us, as much as we love it, but the Dems...they are destroying it. They drew first blood.

Stephanie Richardson

I totally agree.



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