Two people were shot this afternoon near the Sudley Towne Plaza shopping center outside Manassas, and the gunman has not been found.

Police say the shooting occurred about 3 p.m. in the 7500 block of Helmsdale Place. Two men were taken to the hospital before police arrived, the department said on Twitter. Both were conscious as of Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the shooter is not in custody. Expect heavy police presence in the area.

The incident is the second double shooting in Prince William County this week. Police are still searching for a 23-year-old Dumfries an in connection with a Sunday shooting outside Benton Middle School in mid-Prince William County that left two men wounded.

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Duke Nukem

Tim "The Tool Man" Timmy volunteering to knock on doors to confiscate guns from the well regulated militia. Good luck. Oh wait you'll just have the democrats favorite law enforcement agency the police, I mean the corrupt FBI or Capitol Police do it for you, perhaps Nanny Pelosi even? What is the murder rate in Latin America where Chucky Schumer wants to import 70 million voters from?

dave strut

Imagine being this out of touch with reality, stay classy republicans! /s

Will Williams

Yikes you guys need to get out more. When you criminalize law enforcement you empower criminals. So many opinions it reminds me of the old saying....

Harry Morant

An increase in mental heath access may be a good start. But it is very difficult to "fix" mental illness. That's the problem. By the time it is typically recognized, it is "baked" in.

As to guns for overthrowing a tyrannical government as an "absurd" proposition, tell that to the Afghans people who ultimate defeated the British, Soviet Union and The United States (they all left their county in the end). You can never underestimate the will of the people to defend their country from tyranny, even "benevolent" tyranny (It's for your own good, BS - your Overlords know what's best for you, etc.), especially a People born with Liberty.

George Lawton Jr

Just accept the demonic degenerate culture you have curated libtards. Enjoy the slow decay of America. It’s what you get for kicking God Jesus out of everything.

Tim True

Republican-controlled states have higher murder rates than Democratic ones: study

Ben Adler

·Senior Editor

Mon, April 4, 2022, 5:21 PM

Republican politicians routinely claim that cities run by Democrats have been experiencing crime waves caused by failed governance, but a new study shows murder rates are actually higher in states and cities controlled by Republicans.

“We’re seeing murders in our cities, all Democrat-run,” former President Donald Trump asserted at a March 26 rally in Georgia. “People are afraid to go out.”

In February, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., blamed Democrats for a 2018 law that reduced some federal prison sentences — even though it was signed by Trump after passing a GOP-controlled Congress. “It’s your party who voted in lockstep for the First Step Act that let thousands of violent felons on the street who have now committed innumerable violent crimes,” Cotton said during a speech in the Senate.

Last December, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, told Fox News viewers, “America’s most beautiful cities are indeed being ruined by liberal policies: There’s a direct line between death and decay and liberal policies.”

But a comparison of violent crime rates in jurisdictions controlled by Democrats and Republicans tells a very different story. In fact, a new study from the center-left think tank Third Way shows that states won by Trump in the 2020 election have higher murder rates than those carried by Joe Biden. The highest murder rates, the study found, are often in conservative, rural states.

The study found that murder rates in the 25 states Trump carried in 2020 are 40% higher overall than in the states Biden won. (The report used 2020 data because 2021 data is not yet fully available.) The five states with the highest per capita murder rate — Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri — all lean Republican and voted for Trump.

There are some examples of states Biden won in 2020 that also have high per capita murder rates, including New Mexico and Georgia, which have the seventh- and eighth-highest murder rates, respectively. And there are Trump-supporting states with low murder rates, such as Idaho and Utah. Broadly speaking, the South, and to a lesser extent the Midwest, has more murders per capita than the Northeast, interior West and West Coast, the study found.

Those findings are consistent with a pattern that has existed for decades, in which the South has had higher rates of violent crime than the nation as a whole.

“We as criminologists have known this for quite some time,” Jennifer Ortiz, a professor of criminology at Indiana University Southeast, told Yahoo News. “States like Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama have historically had high crime rates.”

Criminologists say research shows higher rates of violent crime are found in areas that have low average education levels, high rates of poverty and relatively modest access to government assistance. Those conditions characterize some portions of the American South.

“They are among the poorest states in our union,” Ortiz said of the Deep South. “They have among the highest rates of child poverty. They are among the least-educated states. They are among the states with the highest levels of substance abuse. All of those factors contribute to people engaging in criminal behavior.”

“I thought that was a very good study,” Richard Rosenfeld, a professor of criminology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and former president of the American Society of Criminology, told Yahoo News about the Third Way report. “In Republican states, states with Republican governors, crime rates tend to be higher. I’m not certain that’s related to the fact that the governor is a Republican, but it’s a fact nonetheless.”

(While the Third Way study divided states by presidential vote in 2020, using gubernatorial party affiliation leads to similar results because most states have recently chosen the same party for governor and for president. Based on presidential vote, eight of the 10 states with the highest murder rates lean Republican, versus seven of the top 10 if one uses the governor’s party.)

Although murder rates tend to be highest in the South, the biggest increases in 2020 were found in the Great Plains and Midwest, according to Third Way. The largest jumps were in Wyoming (91.7% higher than in 2019), South Dakota (69%), Wisconsin (63.2%), Nebraska (59.1%) and Minnesota (58.1%). Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska all voted for Trump and have Republican governors. Wisconsin and Minnesota voted for Biden and are led by Democrats.

Few large cities are governed by Republicans — only 26 of the 100 largest U.S. cities have Republican mayors — making apples-to-apples comparisons difficult. But cities that do have Republican mayors do not have lower murder rates than similarly sized Democratic-led cities, the study found.

Some experts warn against the impulse to use crime data to score quick political points.

“Being a Republican or Democratic state or city is correlated with many other issues,” David Weisburd, a professor of criminology and executive director of the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University, wrote in an email to Yahoo News. “That means that the murder rate may be due to the state being Republican, or it may be due to the fact that Republican states have many other risk factors related to crime or murder rates. Even with a very comprehensive modeling of all of these factors, it is very difficult to get a valid causal result for explaining crime rates.”

That argument cuts both ways, however. Weisburd also thinks the claims of Trump and other Republicans who say Democrats have caused a crime wave in the cities and states they govern are unfounded. “I don't think this argument can be supported no matter which way you go,” Weisburd said.

Murder rates in the U.S. rose dramatically in 2020 from record lows, and the increases are similar across states — regardless of partisan preference. For homicides in 2020, Third Way found a 32.2% uptick in Trump-backing states versus a 30.8% rise in those that voted for Biden. Some states with large cities, such as New York and Pennsylvania, saw larger-than-average increases: New York went up 47% and Pennsylvania is up 39%. But the largest increases were in rural, Republican-led states, including Montana (+84%) and South Dakota (+81%).

The higher national murder rate is naturally causing public concern, although violent crime does remain far below its early 1990s high point. “Using the FBI data, the violent crime rate fell 49% between 1993 and 2019,” from 757 incidents per 100,000 people to 379 per 100,000, the Pew Research Center noted last November. Between 2019 and 2020, the murder rate jumped from 6 homicides per 100,000 people to 7.8 homicides per 100,000, but that was still 22% below the rate in 1991 of 10 homicides per 100,000.

Sacagawea Lax

The culture of Tim True is changing in a Republican led state with this contribution post...

John Dutko


All of comments that you post exhibit signs of deviance and racism.

Be the change you want to see.

Sit down you muppet.

dave strut

Anyone who utter's the word "libtard" is certainly someone who hasn't graduated high school.

Tim True

Yet more culture of violence in Republican-led states. Guns guns everywhere…..

Sacagawea Lax

The culture of Tim True trolling Brad for the forseeable future continues....

Mike Hunt

The Democrat Mayor, Democrat City Council, & Democrat BOCS will get to the bottom of this for sure. My raised tax dollars will be put to good use.

J Jonah Jameson

Don't worry, Republicans will be there to ensure we do literally nothing to prevent situations like this. Ever.

Sacagawea Lax

You're correct,

It's an individuals job to turn away from or prevent their own violent actions. It's the government's job provide the service of holding those agressors accountable.

Perhaps you view it another way...Like, banning bullets and firearms for those who wish to use them for purposes of self defense.

So what type of legislation do you have in mind to prevent gun violence? Or, what type of common ground do you think can be met from both parties?

Tim True

Don't be ridiculous JJ. Conservatives are working HARD to combat the gun violence with their "thoughts and prayers". And it's working so well too!

Sacagawea Lax


I share the same concerns as you, as would any other law abiding citizen would when it comes to inflicting harm on ones neighbor.

Unfourntantly in this country, violence haa become essentially normalized in all difference facets. You know, the "culture of violence" a few like to constantly elude to on here. Well the culture of violence stands strong no matter what party or person is in charge. It isn't going away. It is a "culture" though because people get bogged down in shady dealings, and a weapon is a part of that culture.

Then, there is a culture of non-violence where a weapon is merely a tool of self defense, which can be used "violently", but not to impose or inflict harm on others unless necessary.

I think the mental health services can provide better outcomes, especially in law enforcement not only for the citizenry, but for the people sworn to serve and protect as well. Not sure exactly how registering a gun somehow makes the gun a safer gun, but that's just my opinion. Whether it be with fingerprint or not. There are processes in place to have the authority to conceal carry a gun in Virginia that require background check, as is the purchasing of a firearm.

But you hear it all of the time, "why does someone need thousands of bullets".etc. and then all It takes is a mass shooting, or an act of.violence and then the politicans who rely on weaponry for their own personal security detail flaunt their hatred of guns and and call for ending the war on guns. First it was the war on drugs.

@ Tim

So culture warrior tim, what needs to happen? Do you want to ban the guns? And then think and pray after that's been done?

Tim True

Yea, I'm 100% for banning guns, excluding law enforcement and the military (who are the "well regulated militia" that the 2nd amendment specifies, not the average Tom, Dick and Harry). IMO guns have no place in a civilized society. I'm just tired of people needlessly dying. In 2019, about 39.6K people in the US died from gun violence (including suicides), in 2020 it was about 43.7K, in 2021 it was about 45K. So far in 2022 we're at almost 15K, which projects to again about 45K for the year. That's about 123 persons per day. Maybe you and others don't think this is a big deal, but I do. I've known three people who unfortunately were the victims of gun violence and are no longer with us. Guns are made for destruction. That's what they do. That's ALL they do. It's sad that people think that more guns is the solution for feeling safer (i.e. home defense, stand your ground). And politicians won't solve the problem because one side will ALWAYS block any efforts to regulate gun manufacturing or ownership. Currently 21 states allow concealed handgun carry without having a license, and Florida and others are moving in that way (can VA be far behind with a Repub in charge?). Only 8 states have bans on assault weapons. It’s becoming easier to own a gun than it is to drive a car, and that’s acceptable? And increased mental health services is necessary, but this isn’t exclusively a mental health issue. Because many people are the proverbial “good guys with guns”, until they’re not and then people are needlessly dead. But JJ is right, conservatives accept that people will die on a regular basis and they’re fine with that (see Covid) and will do nothing to change it.

In the 41 years since John Lennon was killed by gun violence, over 1.5 million US citizens have also died because of gun violence. Children die from gun violence. But that’s OK to some.

Sacagawea Lax

Okay Tim,

No problem with sharing your truth on this subject. I appreciate your candidness. And obviously that's a shame you've lost three friends.

I "believe" perhaps your intrepretetion of the second amendment is subjective simply because the founders exclusively wanted the people of this country to be able to fight tyranny if necessary, per the state.

You do have to realize and understand though that if the citizen has no weapons, the powers at be are able to do whatever is necessary, which would include the use of deadly force to impose whatever will they have on a population.

Your definition of safety and security means giving up a substantial amount of rights of millions of Americans and hoping for the best from the powers at be. That's dangerous also. You want solutions, but even with your solution(s) it's not like humanity is all of a sudden at peace also.

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